Whitney Thompson Wins ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Cycle 10

Whitney Thompson won tonight’s Cycle 10 season finale of America’s Next Top Model. She is the first plus-sized model to win!

The final three were Whitney Thompson, Fatima Siad, and Anya Kop.

America's Next Top ModelAmerica's Next Top Model

Fatima was the first person voted out of the final three. That means Whitney is the first plus-sized model to make it to the finals! The final two were Anya and Whitney.

America's Next Top ModelAmerica's Next Top Model

The final two wore dresses handmade for them by Donatella Versace on the runway.

Both girls were great on the runway, but Whitney was the ultimate winner! Congratulations! Check out more photos of after the jump!

Was Whitney your pick to win?

Photo Source: CW

America's Next Top ModelAmerica's Next Top ModelAmerica's Next Top ModelAmerica's Next Top Model

America's Next Top ModelAmerica's Next Top ModelAmerica's Next Top ModelAmerica's Next Top Model

America's Next Top ModelAmerica's Next Top Model


  1. lame lame and more lame. Whitney was such a fake. Anya did better on everything except the commercial and gets nothing. Tyra’s living in a fantasy.

  2. I like Whitney but I like Anya a lot more. I think that they felt like they had to let a plus size model win this time. Anya was great throughout the whole competition, never in the bottom two and called first many times. Obviously she was the best one and deserved to win! Whatever, I hate Tyra Banks. She is an idiot. I think that Anya has more of a chance at becoming a known model than Whitney!

  3. I am so stoked that Whitney won!! It’s time for the modeling industry to recognize a real woman! She was far better than Anya on the runway, and she knows much more about getting the photos right. Great work Tyra!

  4. I was rooting for Whitney the WHOLE time, I’m so pleased that she won. She did great especially on the runway. <3

  5. Tyra is not an idiot she knew exactly what she was doing picking Whitney as the winner. This decision was not about who was the better model, nor was it about changing industry standards, it was 100% about Tyra covering her ass and not looking like a hypocrite. Tyra’s not dumb, she knew that she couldn’t continue to rail against unhealthy body image on her talk show and in like every interview and never have had a “plus-sized” model win ANTM. Props to Tyra for being a savvy business women, but Anya was clearly better.

  6. Ok, I am 5’8″ and wear a size 14 so that makes me quesion wtf do they think plus size is cause I can tell a size 14 doesn’t look like Whitney.

  7. The show is actually rigged. Tyra just decided to push a plus sized model through to win the competition. It was evident that Anya had much better Covergirl pictures, but they only decided to choose a mediocre one as her “best” shot. From all of Anya’s past shots and just from watching her pictures being taken, it was evident that Anya would have had a much better shot. They purposely picked bad pictures of both Anya and Fatima (both with their eyes “happening” to look upward). There is a very low probability that Anya didn’t even have a picture where she connected at eye level. It was just an excuse to get Whitney some recognition. Then for the runway, Anya was forced into skinny little dresses, which would limit her movement on the runway, (similar to Chantal in Cycle 9) and thus would have a weaker runway. Another factor was the photo portfolio comparisons at the end of the episode, which Tyra conveniently chose Whitney’s stronger shots. Whitney had several bad shots throughout the competition, but these were not discussed at the final judging. She was in the bottom two, 4 times, while Anya had never appeared in the final two. It was so obvious that they chose Whitney’s good pictures.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think Whitney is very pretty and actually wanted her to win in the beginning, but Anya is much more deserving of the title. Anya too has her flaws, but she would make a much stronger high fashion model than Whitney. Though Whitney’s runway was stronger than Anya’s (given the unfair dress accommodations) she still didn’t fit in with the other models in the show. She was doubtless to say stunning, but she completely clashed with the high fashion image of the show and ultimately of the title of America’s Next Top Model.

  8. For me, it was neck and neck. I would have been happy with either one winning. There was one challenge when Whitney won but both her and Anya got positive feedback. That shows that they were both equal talents. I know that it seems that the judges just wanted Whitney to win just because she’s “full figured,” But as Nigel said, they represent two completely different women. So they had to choose which woman they wanted to pick. Maybe they figured they’ve picked the “high fashion” type girl too much and they’d pick an average looking girl for once. That’s the way I see it. So bitch all you want, but Whitney’s going far! Whooooooooooo!

  9. I am SOOO glad Whitney won. She deserved to win SO much more, and she wanted it the most. She’s not fake at all, she just has a personality. I liked Anya, too, but she was a little confused. 😛

    I hate Fatima. SO glad she went home.


  10. about time a healthy sized girl won this contest. The modeling world has finally changed and can recognized a beauty when they see one.

  11. Right now i am still angry with Tyra from picking Whitney as Amercia’s Next Top Model winner she is not ready and from the whole show the only reason i thin they put her on is because she kept on say i am the only plus size model who took this competition sirius and i am the only plus size model who made it so far she is too wineie and should have been the first one to get her but off of that show. She is not model type. Anya is she took great picture but only on the last rnway she mass up a little but who and blame her they gave her all the fine top dresses and Whitney all the beaauty open dresses if they thought that from once the had to put a plus size model well they could have wait or pickd one of the past plus sized model. And for All i know is Whitney and Fatima was the bitch of this competition. Tyra said she only reson she does this show is to prove to young girl that you dont need to be size 0 or 1 to be a model because she knew model who triedto fit me a size 0 and they did but the also died because they wear anprexic but look at fatima she look anorexic why was she even on that show. If she would win i would naver ever watch that show and i will personally but my ticket and tell tyra my mind on her show. Fatima and girls who look like that should not every be acepted to model prep at stupid if she forgot about all does thing she said on her show about anorexic people and how the model industry if making and pushing thier model to be size 0 and how she hate that. Well she should be ashame of put fatmia on that show. Anya should have been the winner and not stupid Whitney

  12. I am glad Whitney won, but I still don’t think she will break the barrier of the modeling industries contracting ultra-thin models. It is the fashion industries that need to make the changes first. After all, they pay these agencies to find the model that suits their specific needs.
    Unfortunately, the fashion designers want pretty faces, but they want their clothes to hang on the models like wired hangers.
    If Tyra wants Whitney to send a message, Tyra should also gather all big-name models, designers and agencies and campaign for a change.

  13. Whitney was the best out of everyone and she was the best and anya was confused about the whole competition

  14. What a sham of a PR scheme! I knew Whitney was going to “win” the moment they sent Katarzyna home, but for all the wrong reasons.

    Whitney did poorly in the competition, but the PR department needed Tyra’s brand (236 mentions of “Tyra” per episode) to have a plus sized winner. It was rigged, and it was a joke. I was so mad when they selected Whitney that I posted a Top Model Rant on my blog (http://www.penishero.com/2008/05/americas-next-top-fraud.html)! I couldn’t even take any cynical joy in being proven right about my prediction that the PR engine would manufacture a win for Whitney…

  15. I too was a little upset when Whitney won last night, mostly because Anya has excelled throughout the competition and surely deserved to win. However, I was prepared for Tyra to disappoint me again because of her upsetting decision of choosing Saleisha as the winner last cycle. I think the most important thing to remember about this show is that Tyra does not represent the entire fashion industry (if she even adequately represents it at all), but rather her own point of view. Anya was obviously the more high fashion model, but that is not what Tyra wanted, even though Anya will most likely go farther than Whitney (as other finalists have often surpassed previous winners).
    But did everyone really think this cycle was going to be better than the last few cycles? Everyone thought Tyra was really going to turn it around by redeveloping the idea of America’s Next Top Model and moving it back to New York. She has somewhat failed.
    America’s Next Top Model has lost its original attraction, and if Tyra keeps making upsetting decisions that go against the true idea of being a “model in the fashion industry,” I do not see a prolonged future for the show.

  16. yeah sure anya was excelling, but she totally just melted down at the end. Whitney deserved to win and finall a full figured woman gets something she deserves. models shouldn’t be all size -5’s because real women aren’t like that. so i’m so happy that Whitney won and a plus size model finally kicked ass.

  17. I am very happy that Whitney won! This proves that you do not have to be paper thin to be beautiful and we can get out of that sterotype of skinny is beautiful. Whitney shows reality to young girls that beauty is from within. I did not think that Anya was that great she was very kind and thin but the white bleached hair and always stringy when she was not on set made her look very ugly as a woman. Men want to see soft curly hair not that ugly hair that Ayna had. Fatima should of been booted off when she missed her photo shoot and Stacie Ann should of stayed.

  18. I also had wondered WHY they kept Dominque so long she was ugly as a person and ugly like a DYKE

  19. I just wanted Whitney to win because she was a bitch the entire time lol

  20. Sheleeza, PLEASE learn how to spell!

  21. No, no, Sheleeza! That was the funniest thing I’ve ever read! The lack of punctuation, the incoherency and the absence of any sense whatsoever, it was great! My friend and I laughed until our bellies were hurting! That was so funny!! Thanks. You should have a blog.

    I loved both Anya and Whitney. For me either would be fine as a winner. But I felt Whitney did a lot better in the runway. Whatever happens, I feel both will be successful.

    P.S.: Sheleeza, honey, nobody wears anprexics anymore. They hurt. Please tell us about your blog.

  22. As far as I’m concerned, they both represented Top Models in their respective categories. Whitney was the top plus size model, and Anya is the top “typical size of the day” model. Whether Whitney won or not, she made it all the way to the top and will be well recieved and respected in her section of the modeling industry. Anya’s only problem was her extremely heavy accent, and they seem to be super strict on this show with being able to deliver a commercial. Anya had two chances, both in Italian and English, and neither were great. And there’s no excuse with tight dresses. It is possible to still have a fierce walk with a pencil skirt, its up to the model to make the correct adjustments.

    I’m happy for the both of them, and so glad for “Scandaleisha” to be removed from the spotlight finally!! Chantal shouldve won that season! LOL

  23. I don’t get why you guys kept saying that Tyra is dumb, Whitney is fake and stuffs. I think Tyra did good by choosing Whitney. Look, we got too much skinny models in the modeling industry and most of them doesn’t really represents what real women are.

    And the final is judge by the runway. you can clearly see that Whitney did much better and as Miss J said, much more lively compared to Anya.You can’t say that it’s because of Anya’s tight dress , she lost. As a model, you have to adjust yourself into that dress. What if Whitney lose? Blame it on her pink dress instead? 😀 Both of them can take stunning pictures, especially Anya.
    I can’t deny that Anya’s picture is gorgeous but her commercial is … freaky LOL.
    Anya definitely will have a big chance in the modelling industry even though she is not american’s next top model.
    I’m glad that Whitney had won, :D. Congrats girl, x).
    [ I would like Claire to win though, haha! I miss Claire 😀 ]

  24. Whitney should not have won, this is America’s next top model hence the name, and Whitney is not high fashion at all. Whitney is fake and is a ham on the runway, girls like Whitney and Whitney her fake self should know that girl’s her size cannot make it to high fashion maybe commercial, but deffinately NOT, high class. Enya should have won, she was skinny, beautiful and knew how to take nice pictures, the reason why she sucked at the ruway was cause they gave her such a tight dress. Whitney is fake, fat and ugly

  25. “antm”, You are entitled to your opinion, and you are perfectly welcome not to like Whitney. But dissing people because they are fat is not tolerated on this website. I myself am a plus-sized model who is just an everyday girl in real life. A size 8 is not and never will be fat; being healthy is what matters ladies and any pro-anorexia bullshit is NOT welcome here!

  26. Okay, congrats…but this is getting on my nerves! I went to school with Whitney and if you knew the stuck up girl she was and into herself she was also, shes putting on for tv! And im tired of hearing her talk about her butt and hips! she used to tell ppl that she was fat and needed to lose alot of weight, but she was pretty skinny at school.I guess she gave up.
    If you really knew the girl she was and how much the world revolves around her…youd think twice about her win.

  27. Fatima deserved and wanted it more, but I disliked her personality, even though that really has nothing to do with personality. OI hate how they send people home because of personality, some girls are naturally more shy and quiet than others. So if anything, the show is more fake for trying to force people to act like they’re not. And I don’t think Whitney was a fake, she just tried to over compensate with a large personality because of her size compared to the other girls. I am sort of relieved that a regular sized girl has one the competition. Now Anya, she does not need to win ANTM she can make it big on her own.

  28. If I hear another comment stating that Whitney and her ilk are “real women” I will scream. I am a size 6 and, last I checked, I am a real woman. Real women come in all shapes and sizes, including skinny. What people should say is “standard-sized” or “American-sized” or something (as size 12-14 is not standard in all countries around the world).

  29. Whitney is such an inspiration. Being a girl at a school full of super-skinny girls, she helps me feel pretty too. I am so happy she won, she really deserved it.

  30. Whitney can really send that message that ALL women are beautiful, whether you’re a size zero or a size 14.

  31. I think that anya should have won i was so choked when they showed whitneys pictures she was such a btch like only the last two episodes shestarted acting kinda normal but she still would get that smirk likewhen fatima got eliminated she wanted to laugh like hello!!! and well anya was No. 1 in almost all she won almost all the challenges … but there was somwthing that really cought my attention.. waswhen the judges said that anya is the 1st high fashion model theyhave ever had… so it think that they thought that anua still had a chance to make it with out the ANTM title so they gave it to whitney.

  32. I’ve watched every episode of ANTM since the first season, and Tyra isn’t even trying to hide the fact that she just overrules the other judges in who gets to win. Tyra is catering to the masses and her biggest client – CoverGirl, not who will really succeed in the modeling industry — hello, anyone remember the slurring transvestite Jaslene?!! And the way they set up the other girls is just so awful! Like screwing up Chantal on purpose in the final runway; picking Anya’s not so strong photos, giving her the tight dress… It makes me sad and disappointed. Even in panel, it was obvious that Anya was the favorite except that Tyra kept defending her — oh please. If she thinks Whitney truly “represents” the new path in American fashion indsutry, then apparently the America fashion indsutry points towards low-class, bucket-of-chicken-eating hams who overact, are annoying and live in trailer parks – because that’s exactly what I think of when I see or hear Whitney talk. She’s SUCH filth! I agreed with Paulina all the way. They should just change the name of the show to America’s Next CoverGirl! The international modeling industry is laughing at Tyra right now.

  33. Totally agree with you it wouldnt be bad to put some meat on those model but come on you want the clothesto look goodo on you or atleast think they are going to look nice on you idont think that whitney will acheave that anya should so totally model for chanel so she can show tyra she did not need to be ANTM.

  34. I personally think it is rediculous that they are calling Whitney “plus sized”. She has a gorgeous body, and just because she doesn’t look like a stick doesn’t mean they should make a big deal of it. I’m happy for her. America’s standards of beauty are terribly twisted, and hopefully this will be the beginning of some positve change.

  35. I don’t think that the judges meant anything by picking Whitney. Why should it matter how big she is? I think she’s a beautiful girl who deserved to win. And yeah, I think it’s great that she’s plus size too, the normal woman has to be recognized. I think it’s horrible for all of you to think that the only reason she won was because she was plus sized. She is a beautiful with obvious talent, and honestly, she doesnt look like shes over a size six, (since when was a SIZE 6 PLUS SIZE?) I think its great that she won.

  36. It’s not horrible to think that Whitney won because she’s plus-sized. If you simply look at her pictures on the show they are ALL THE SAME. The woman has no range. Also, her over the top walk might have worked for the particular fashion show featured in the finale but it would not work on most runways. Also, Whitney is soooo not a six. I know sizes are different in America than in Canada (I’m a six in Canadian-made clothes and a four at American chains) but she’s at least a 10. Which is just fine cause you are right in saying that she does look gorgeous.

  37. FightingForChange

    I think it is really good that Whitney won. I think she truly deserved it and honestly Anya didn’t need ANTM to make it. She was the most high fashion girl they had I would agree. She can make it without winning. She made it far and thats enough. Sadly most of the fashion industry probably wouldnt look twice at Whitney if she hadn’t won. Now she gets a valid chance to prove herself and she does have talent. Its time to start changing the face of fashion to include everyone.Society needs to change and stop destroying the futures of so many girls by telling them they can’t be pretty because they aren’t skinny enough. Finally someone who represents a different faction of women won. She can send the message that everyone can be beautiful and that it isn’t only one size. I think that is really great whoever said that, hit it on the head. Maybe Tyra did this to cover her ass, maybe she didn’t . Does it matter? Whitney still had talent and deserved to win, maybe she didn’t win completley because of herself but that isn’t her fault. She won, she had talent, she deserved to win and she came into the competition determined to start changing fashion to include girls who fit a different mold and weren’t built to be really skinny and tiny. Kudos to her, Whitney succeeded and I respect her for that. She had a mission and she pulled through and I can’t wait to see where she goes with it!

  38. My thoughts are that first of all they wanted to have a plus-sized model win, and felt that Whitney was strong enough for that. I like Anya, but she was a bit ditzy, and didn’t have that “je-ne-sais-quat” that Tyra wants to find. Whitney did have that. Her pictures were very strong, but I think they kinda downplayed them, since she was a plus-sized model. I’m more glad Whitney won, but totally surprised. I really thought Anya was going to win. Another factor that I think influenced the judges picking Whitney is that her Cover Girl picture was better than Anya’s, and there was more at stake this time, since the winner’s picture was going to be desplayed in Times Square. It’s kind of off, but her picture was lightyears better than Anya’s. Good luck, and congrats Whitney!


  40. Her measurements are 36″-32″-43″ (US), per her profile at Elite. Which would make her about a 14/16 dress size. (Saks Fifth Ave. Women’s General Sizing Guide used for reference)

    Personally, I couldn’t care less about what size, shape, colour, how high her hair is or otherwise. It’s her sizist attitude that I take issue with. If she is going to take the mantle of role model for size acceptance, then she needs to be accepting of ALL SIZES.

    Instead, Whitney chooses to use a graphic with skinny bashing text below it on her myspace page. The text is “Skinny is 4 punks!” I won’t even go into the sizist remarks made (by both sides) during the show, because those could’ve been edited to have provided more drama for the show. Reality tv is not the actuality of the situations involved. It is entertainment television.

    They should’ve used the model standard of height and measurements instead of this meaningless “dress size” that is NOT standard. It would’ve created a lot less controversy. Unless of course that’s what Tyra was going for all along.

    In case anyone is wondering, yes I am thin. Through no fault or desire of my own. I have intractable epilepsy, pernicious anemia, chronic pain and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. The medication that I take to control my epilepsy as best they can kills my appetite and makes food taste vile. On a good week I may have only three or four seizures.

    I don’t appreciate being told to “eat something” when there’s nothing more I would LOVE to do than to eat without the food in my mouth tasting like it’s putrid. But what choice do I have? The one medication that’s worked the best to control my seizures (and I have to take a combination of AEDs) has “taste perversion” as a side effect. Not to mention the kidney stones, the fatigue and the general “dumbing down” effect that comes with anti-epileptics. That still doesn’t stop people from making comments about my weight nor does it stop them from making comments about what kind of role model I’m being for my 11 year old daughter. Strange though, they never seem to worry what kind of role model I might be for my 15 year old son.

    They never seem to notice the giant medicalert necklace nor the medicalert bracelet before they shoot their mouth off.

    I’m also not the only person with this problem. I belong to an epilepsy support group and other epileptics with the same issue have faced the same ridicule, insults and allegations. (allegations of eating disorders by strangers) If you think that this has no effect on us or our families then you are mistaken.

    Judgments suck.

  41. Okay, from the very beginning, Katarzyna was my favorite. She had a variety of “fierce” pictures, but was voted off because she didn’t have a personality? I’m sorry, but I would rather be around a shy person rather than someone who is obnoxious and fake. Anya was my other favorite, and I was definitely rooting for her to win because looking at her overall body of work, she did MUCH better than Whitney and had much more variety. The only downfall was her final runway walk, which was due to her ultra tight dress–I bet if Whitney was given a dress like that, she would have done even worse, but because she was given such an open dress, she had much more room to give a more assertive and “fierce walk.” When looking at Whitney’s photos, her face looks the same and her mouth is always open. The lack of variety does not make her high fashion. I was so annoyed with her constant complaining of being plus-sized and I felt like that didn’t achieve anything; she wasn’t even that big to begin with. And also, she is supposed to represent normal and real girls out there?! There are plenty of “normal and real” girls who range in sizes from 0 to whatever the maximum is… I don’t think that it’s fair to say that her size is the only size that makes someone normal. But I understand that a “plus-sized” model had to win eventually, just because Tyra was most likely getting shit for it. Either way, I think in the end, Anya will turn out to be much more successful anyway.

  42. I cried when Whitney won! I was elated. I had a short stint in the modeling business many moons ago and recall being told when I was a size “0” that my calves were too big (because I actually exercised) and to lose an additional 5-10 pounds. This industry is ridiculous. Think about it…… it is selling its ideals to Women, yet by featuring subjects with “boyish hips” and “girlish figures”. The fact is “High fashion” is an artistic expression….I mean, would you try and look like any of the women in “Woman with a Head of Roses” by Salvador Dali? Heaven’s no! So, why would we make human beings fit into an illusion? I think she was by far the prettiest girl in print and in person. In actuality her look is the hardest to obtain. Most people if they are unhealthy and neurotic can starve themselves and become a pixie with a large head (I am writing this from personal experience-smile) but to have breasts, butt and a small face with long limbs, this is truly exceptional. I hope to see more of her, everywhere!!!

  43. UMM HELLO PEOPLE! You guys are a bunch of dumbarses! Whitney was an amazing model, shes beautiful, large or small if you check out her modeling days in jacksonville when she was in high school. Anya had an ugly manly face, with white eyebrows her face looked blank and them having to paint hordes of black eyebrow makeup on, she reminded me of madonna way back when, and that is NOT a compliment. Fatima is gross. She was so skinny her mouth stretched out and her teeth were always sticking out and she just wasn’t attractive. I’d much rather a healthy model win than a anorexic one. BTW-the ex antm fan from may 15th, you are an idiot. Whitney got the dresses she did from Versace BECAUSE she wasn’t a size 0. That was all she could fit in. If Anya can’t handle the dress she wore, maybe she shouldn’t be a model. Models have to wear difficult outfits for runway all the time. Think of the Japanese designers who have models wear the high heels where your foot goes almost 90 degrees down so its like walking the whole runway en pointe. How about looking at the facts first, fatima should not have made it as far as she did cuz shes a bad model and missed a shoot. Anya was good, I will give her that, and she was probably my second choice in the competition because no one else was any good. Do you see how hard the other judges were trying to get her out of the competition by saying she had a pageant atmosphere about her. What pageant girls have attitudes and swear? She was gorgeous and posed well and took amazing pictures of Porizkova (spelling is totally off). I am for one glad she won. I would’nt have had it go any other way!

  44. “America fashion indsutry points towards low-class, bucket-of-chicken-eating hams who overact, are annoying and live in trailer parks” First of all kiki, you are a flippin trashy individual. Saying stuff like that makes you look prejudice. Secondly, how is she low class? She is from jacksonville, FL. Her dad is a police officer and she lives in a house there. She is not annoying, she is strong and beautiful and I am glad she won. People like you deserve to get some negative vibes. Hope one day you get so broke you have to live in a cardboard box so maybe you will feel at least ONE ounce of pity for people who actually have to live that way. LOSER

  45. ANTM from may 16th, learn how to spell and type if you are going to insult someone MUCH better than you. She may not be a size 2, but she is much more beautiful on the inside and out than you will EVER be you ugly bish!

    “Whitney should not have won, this is America’s next top model hence the name, and Whitney is not high fashion at all. Whitney is fake and is a ham on the runway, girls like Whitney and Whitney her fake self should know that girl’s her size cannot make it to high fashion maybe commercial, but deffinately NOT, high class. Enya should have won, she was skinny, beautiful and knew how to take nice pictures, the reason why she sucked at the ruway was cause they gave her such a tight dress. Whitney is fake, fat and ugly”

  46. Umm lets see, anya could not take amazing photos of paulina, she had pictures that were good, I will admit that, however even Tyra and Jay said that the pictures came only when Anya WASNT paying attention to what she was doing, like the paparazzi pic. She was never in the bottom two but there were times I think she should have been. I hated how they changed her hair and her eyebrows to that stark white, I think it changed who she was and not for the better. It accentuated some of her bad kind of manly curves of her face. Not to mention that annoying arse voice. I could NOT listen to that in commercials, I’d have to change the channel.

  47. well i think whitney should of won even though anya was good too. i just thought she portrayed herself as a airhead and that accent mhhhhmm i know covergirl woudl not want that pigeon accent from hawaii it was so thick! anwhoo idc about antm everythings corrupt ppl! think about it……

  48. I am shocked to heard that she won the contest 😯

  49. I like Whitney but I like Anya a lot more. I think that they felt like they had to let a plus size model win this time. Anya was great throughout the whole competition, never in the bottom two and called first many times. Obviously she was the best one and deserved to win!

  50. I don’t know much about models, but sometimes when i read magazines then i get some ideas from there.

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