Weekend Gossip Roundup for May 09, 2008

Nick Hogan

This week we’ve seen some crazy stuff!  Nick Hogan is finally going to jail, Britney Spears may be moving, and Paris Hilton is unbeweavable.  Oh, and Uma Thurman is walking around in a body bag!  Here’s a look at today’s hot stories:

Nick Hogan is going to jail! (CR)

High school photos of Amy Winehouse (BBP)

What NOT to wear! (AYF)

Mario Lopez has jazz hands (PS)

Ashton Kutcher wants to adopt (KUC)

WTF is Eva Longoria wearing?  (CM)

Carmen Electra in Cosmo (TEN)

Paris Hilton‘s new hair extension line…ewww! (AH)

Uma Thurman turns a body bag into fashion (CH)

Beyonce‘s clothing line for children, or hookers? (7C)

Shaq shows what a butt he can be (BB)

Sarah Jessica Parker makes her son wear hand-me-downs (BSC)

16-year-old Angelina Jolie in music video (HC)

Roseanne wants George Clooney to ‘make her stink’ (GB)

Is Britney Spears moving? (DD)

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