Carrie Underwood Needs to Leave ‘Umbrella’ to Rihanna (Video)

Okay, so I don’t hate this live version of Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban covering Rihanna‘s hit “Umbrella” as much as I thought I would. However, Carrie Underwood should seriously think about not ever dancing. Ever. Keith Urban’s kind of adorable in that heroin addict sort of way, though, so I’ll forgive him…this time!

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Indie Music Videos: Times New Viking New Short Film

Indie Music Videos: Times New Viking New Short Film Indie artists Times New Viking (Merge) have released a new short film titled “Hello, we are Times New Viking from Columbus, Ohio”. The video is directed by Jo McCaughey. Times New Viking 2011 Tour Dates Times New Viking’s upcoming album, Dancer Enquired, is set to drop April 26, 2011. Check out ...

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Phoenix: “Lisztomania” Unplugged (Video)


Phoenix played an unplugged show for MTV recently (who knew MTV still played music?) Phoenix is one of those bands who has been around forever but is just now garnering a lot of attention. Now, you can’t open a music magazine without seeing Thomas Mars & Co. But does this mean I no longer like them? No, because I’m not ...

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Mike Myers and Chris Brown Spoof ACDC at MTV Movie Awards

The best part of last night’s MTV Movie Awards, in my opinion, is when Mike Myers and Chris Brown paid homage to the YouTube battle between Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux vs. the Adam/Chu Dance Crew (ACDC) in their Dance Off. I kept looking for an Adam Sevani or Jon M. Chu cameo, but Mike was wearing Adam’s shirt from ...

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Living Lohan Preview: Dina Threatens Celeb Bloggers

I really hate all these momagers and dadagers who pimp out their kids for fame and attention, yet when they see the least bit negative thing written or spoken about one of their children, they go all crazy and start trying to sue. Dina Lohan is one of those moms. Some people can’t just accept the good and laugh off ...

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Klaxons Premiere “Echoes” Video


Here is the official video for “Echoes” from the Klaxons.  “Echoes” is a single from their forthcoming, cat in space covered album Surfing The Void. Check out the video for “Echoes” below. httpv://

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Todd & Eric Dammann, The Male Tegan & Sara, Cover ‘Umbrella’

Todd and Eric Dammann

I should rename this site the “People Who Cover Rihanna‘s ‘Umbrella’ Site.” Let’s see, who do we have on here so far? Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban, some kids from Singapore, and now these guys! Todd and Eric Dammann are a pair of gay twin brothers who made quite a splash on YouTube last year when they did an acoustic ...

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Here We Go Magic Premiere “Casual” Video On Pitchfork


Directed by Nat Livingston Johnson and Gregory Mitnick, aka “Peking”, Here We Go Magic‘s latest single, “Casual” was shot in a rural hospital in Bayside and required twelve gallons of blood and birth fluid from real livestock. The video features all five band members… in unexpected circumstances. “The challenges of getting a 7-foot drummer to be born from a 70 ...

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