Alex Winston “Don’t Care About Anything” Video (Free EP Download)

Alex Winston

While it’s a great accomplishment to play a single instrument well, it’s a truly rare gift to play many perfectly. With The Basement Covers EP, singer Alex Winston proves she is one of the exceptional few. Classically trained in opera and bred on musical Americana, the beautiful Detroit- native remarkably played each instrument—guitar, piano, drums—on the four-song EP which she recorded in ...

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Hillary Clinton Does ‘Top Ten’ List on Letterman

Hillary Clinton took a stab at the The David Letterman Show Top Ten. It wasn’t too funny, but at least she tried right? You shouldn’t elect your president based on their comedic timing, would anyone want Lewis Black being President?

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Mary-Kate Olsen Eats Pavement

Mary-Kate Olsen was filmed falling down and eating pavement on June 5 in West Hollywood, California. Stuff like this is too funny not to share! I fall down trying to walk anywhere, so is she drunk, or just clumsy?

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Here We Go Magic Premiere “Casual” Video On Pitchfork


Directed by Nat Livingston Johnson and Gregory Mitnick, aka “Peking”, Here We Go Magic‘s latest single, “Casual” was shot in a rural hospital in Bayside and required twelve gallons of blood and birth fluid from real livestock. The video features all five band members… in unexpected circumstances. “The challenges of getting a 7-foot drummer to be born from a 70 ...

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Everything Everything ‘Schoolin’ Video


Imagine a band who fuse three part harmonies with scalding post-punk guitars; floor-filling bass lines with syncopated rhythms and lyrics about everything from high-school massacres to R&B lotharios musing on their lot in a post-apocalyptic wilderness. Not easy, is it? But then Everything Everything aren’t here to make life easy. They’re here to challenge every knee-jerk convention of indie rock ...

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Indie Music Videos: Freelance Whales in Starbucks Commercial

Indie Music Videos: Freelance Whales in Starbucks Commercial Indie rockers Freelance Whales are featured in a new commercial for Starbucks. Freelance Whales’ song “Generator First Floor”, from their debut LP Weathervanes (Frenchkiss), is featured in the new Starbucks espresso commercial that is now airing nationally. The commercial is part of Starbucks’ new ad campaign to celebrate their 40th Anniversary and ...

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Britney Spears and Mel Gibson: BFF??

“Hey sugartits, how bout using that debit card your daddy gave you and buying me a beer?” “Oh mah Gawd! Didn’t you do that Passion of the Jesus movie?!” “Sure, sure, I was also Mad Max.” “Um…okay…I had a dawgie named Max!” “I once called a Jew a dog!” “Are Jews like Kabbalah? I had a Kabbalah tattoo on mah ...

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