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Evangeline Lilly in a Phone Sex Ad (Videos)

I was watching TV the other night, and a strange ad came on.  It was one of those Live Links ads, which isn’t unusual for late at night, but there was just something off about it. “Um, is that Evangeline Lilly?!” “Sure looks like it.” “What in the heck would she be doing on oneContinue Reading

Spencer Pratt vs. Michael Lohan: Who’s the Bigger Douche Pt. 2

I really thought Spencer Pratt would come out being the bigger douche in the contest-to-end-all-contests, but it looks like both he and Michael Lohan are proving me wrong!Continue Reading

My Indie Life: Fun Indie Music Show Without Pretense

There is an awesome show out of Chicago called My Indie Life, which is part of a site called Maybe Hip.  The show features a guy named Rob Silver and a girl named Lexi Scherr, and each week they pretty much just sit on their couch and chat about exciting new indie music from bandsContinue Reading

Kim Kardashian Teaches Little Sis About Her Period

Kim Kardashian, famous for having a big ass and a sex tape, teaches her little sister how to be a whore all about dealing with her period.Continue Reading