Britney Spears and Mel Gibson: BFF??

“Hey sugartits, how bout using that debit card your daddy gave you and buying me a beer?” “Oh mah Gawd! Didn’t you do that Passion of the Jesus movie?!” “Sure, sure, I was also Mad Max.” “Um…okay…I had a dawgie named Max!” “I once called a Jew a dog!” “Are Jews like Kabbalah? I had a Kabbalah tattoo on mah ...

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Indie Music Videos: Decemberists: “This is Why We Fight”

Indie Music Videos: Decemberists–”This is Why We Fight” Decemberists have premiered their new music video for “This is Why We Fight”, from their latest album, The King is Dead. The video was directed by Aaron Stewart-Ahn and features a dystopian future populated by peasant children and a teenage king overlord. This has become a popular theme in indie music videos ...

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Vampire Weekend on SNL (Video)

Vampire Weekend Spin

I saw Vampire Weekend on SNL tonight and they are great! I had noticed them on my issue of this month’s Spin Mag (they’re on the cover) but hadn’t really paid much attention to them…when trying to keep up with pop culture, it’s hard to keep tabs on what’s really going on! I have probably lost a million points of ...

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Indie Music Videos: Explosions in the Sky: “Last Known Surroundings”


Indie Music Videos: Explosions in the Sky: “Last Known Surroundings” For the first time in 12 years, instrumental post-rock band Explosions in the Sky has unveiled their first official music video. The animated clip for “Last Known Surroundings” is from the band’s new album Take Care, Take Care, Take Care. Months in the making, “Last Known Surroundings” directed by Ptarmak, ...

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G&B Video of the Day: ‘Umbrella’ Remix

Umbrella – Rihanna (lip dub in High Definition) from TP CMM on Vimeo. Some kids in Singapore did their own video for Rihanna‘s “Umbrella.” This video may be old and it probably is, but it’s new to me and it’s adorable!

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‘Dark Knight’ Official Trailer

The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins, stars Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Morgan Freeman. It’s looks pretty great! What do YOU think?

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Ratatat: “Drugs” (Video)

Ratatat Drugs

The latest video from electro-pop duo Ratatat comes from their latest album, [itunes link="" title="LP4" text="LP4"]. “Drugs”, directed by Carl Burgess, is as trippy as maybe actually taking drugs.  It’s pretty much four minutes of total WTF? OMG! weirdness.  It reminds me of some of that stuff on the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! that are supposed to ...

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