Chace Crawford Arrested for Pot (Mugshot)

Chace Crawford Mugshot

Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford was arrested for possession of marijuana Friday morning.  Police reportedly found less than two ounces in his car. TV Popcrunch had this to say: Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford reportedly was arrested in the parking lot of Ringo’s Pub in Plano, Texas, after police found he was in possession of less than two ounces of ...

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Meredith Viera as Pinocchio, and Other Today Show Halloween Costumes

Today Show Halloween

These are the cutest Halloween costumes I have seen so far! The hosts of the Today Show chose a fairy tale theme, and each host dressed up as a different fairy tale favorite.  Meredith Viera dressed as Pinocchio (love it!), Ann Curry was Cinderella, Matt Lauer was Humpty Dumpty, Hoda Kotb was Little Red Riding Hood, Kathy Lee Gifford was ...

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Chris Matthews Chokes Ellen, Feels her Up

Hardball host Chris Matthews is scheduled to appear on Ellen, and a sneak peek shows him trying his darndest to dance like she does but ultimately failing miserably. Not only that, but he reaches for Ellen DeGeneres‘ hand for a little twirl-around but winds up putting her in a headlock and then as they’re falling down, he grabs onto her ...

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‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ Premiere Review


September 8, 2008 By Brian Seiler Where we left off:  The Turk, a “supercomputer” that looks like three hard drives in a NAS box, is on the loose, Cromardie the super-robot is murdering people to the tune of a bad Johnny Cash song, and Cameron – the other super-robot – gets blown up in a car bomb. And Then:  You ...

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Final Season of Battlestar Galactica Premieres Tonight


Battlestar Galactica is back and premiering tonight! Only ten episodes left in the series. Who's excited? I know I am; I want to know who that final Cylon is! We were left with the crew finally finding Earth, but it wasn't exactly the way they pictured it. In fact, it was kind of a sh*thole!

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