Cold Cave: ‘Cherish the Light Years’ Review

Cold Cave Cherish the Light Years

Artist: Cold Cave Album: Cherish the Light Years Label: Matador A couple of years ago, I read in an online magazine that Wes Eisold had a new project that he was working on called Cold Cave. This excited me, as Eisold was the front-man of some of my favorite hardcore bands growing up, including American Nightmare and Some Girls. Reading further ...

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Hunx and His Punx: ‘Too Young to be in Love’ Review

Hunx and his Punx

Artist: Hunx and his Punx Album: Too Young to Be in Love Label: Hardly Art Oakland, California’s flamboyant up-and-comer pop punk sensation Seth Bogart, aka Hunx, recently released his second album, Too Young To Be in Love, with his Punx on Hardly Art Records. It’s a pretty decent album, if you are in the mood for some guy singing higher ...

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Land of Talk: ‘Cloak and Cipher’ Album Review

Land of Talk

For most bands, having your lead singer suffer a vocal hemorrhage might be a decent excuse to put out a sub-par album, or even to postpone making one altogether.  This did not seem to slow down Montreal indie-pop group Land of Talk, however, as their second album, Cloak and Cipher, was recorded during frontwoman Elizabeth Powell‘s recovery from such an affliction. For Cloak and ...

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Toro Y Moi – “June 2009″ Review

June 2009 cover

Artist: Toro Y Moi Album: June 2009 Label: Carpark Records When you hear that an artist has gone back and officially compiled/re-released some of their early singles and tour only songs, it can seem to be just a quick cash grab and a sign of creative indifference. And with that in mind, it was hard to approach June 2009, the ...

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Music Reviews: Adele ’21′

Here is a snippet of the music review of 21 by Adele, written by Jebbica. At first listen to 21, it’s hard to imagine that so much pain could come out of someone so young. When Adele’s heart breaks, everyone else can feel it too. Emotions range from anger to sadness, to a final hopefulness that everything is going to ...

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Band of Horses: ‘Infinite Arms’ Album Review


Band of Horses has been, for me, one of those bands that I liked, but never really got into in depth.  They’ve always been kind of “The Shins Lite” for me, with Ben Bridwell‘s vocals settling somewhere in between James Mercer‘s whine and Built to Spill‘s Doug Martsch‘s lazy warble.  Sure, “The First Song” is on the tracklist of my ...

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Grave Babies – “Gothdammit” Review


Artist: Grave Babies Album: Gothdammit Label: Hardly Art Can an artist become so immersed in their influences that they lose sight of their own musical identity? Does that need to pay homage to those bands you admire come at the cost of something unique and original? It’s a fine line for a band to straddle as it deals with the ...

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Music Reviews: Deerhoof ‘Deerhoof vs. Evil’

We have a new review up of the new album from indie artists Deerhoof, Deerhoof vs. Evil. Here is a snippet of the article, written by Jebbica: “In Deerhoof vs. Evil, Deerhoof attempts to be a little more accessible. A bit like Stereolab and The Flaming Lips go to Japan and wind up in space, Deerhoof vs. Evil pulls out ...

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