Indie Music Interviews: Jeff Mosier of The Mosier Brothers

Mosier Brothers

Indie Music Interviews: Jeff Mosier of The Mosier Brothers There are few musicians out there who embody their style of music more than Jeff Mosier.An original member of the legendary Aquarium Rescue Unit and founder of genre shattering Blueground Undergrass, the banjo player/songwriter has been playing live music for well over 20 years and has recently started a new band ...

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Indie Music Interviews: Don Fleming


Indie Music Interviews: Don Fleming  In the late 70s and early 80s, Washington D.C. was home to many now-historic music-icons later fueling the vehicles of popular independent music as we know it today. When we hear “D.C. Early 80s,” A few names come to mind: Dischord Records, Fugazi, Black Flag, etc. Amongst the punk and post-hardcore no-brainers, was a thriving ...

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Indie Music Interviews: Arrica Rose


Indie Music Interviews: Arrica Rose In July of this year, I was able to talk with Arrica Rose of Arrica Rose & The …’s. She was just about release her third full-length album, Let Alone Sea, on her label, pOprOck records. In our lengthy discussion, we talked about the preference of analog recording over digital, and why that changes the ...

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Up Close and Personal: Interview with Amos Lee


This interview was originally conducted on April 2, 2007 by Jebbica that was printed in Enigma Magazine. Philly native Amos Lee has often been described as being the “male Norah Jones.” And while his songs themselves sometimes come across as demure as a Jones tune, his voice possesses a strength and soulfulness that make it easy for him to transcend ...

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Indie Music Interviews: Prussia


We will be interviewing Detroit indie rockers Prussia tonight on our Gravy and Biscuits internet radio podcast at 6:30 pm EST. The interview will be conducted by Josh McRae. You can check it out live or anytime after that by clicking play on the widget below or by visiting our BlogTalkRadio page here. About Prussia: These Detroit boys have a ...

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Dean Ween: Full-Time Fisherman, Part-Time Rockstar


Dean Ween: Full-time Fisherman…Part-time Rock Star After touring and playing music for over 20 years, Ween co-founder and lead guitarist, Mickey Melchiondo (better known as his pseudonym Dean Ween), has traded in his guitar for a fishing rod, plastic guitar picks for live bait, and thousands of screaming fans for the peace and quiet of the open ocean. Although the ...

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Indie Music Interviews: Late Cambrian


Indie Music Interviews: Late Cambrian Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, indie rockers Late Cambrian write melody driven indie rock with existentially charged lyrics. I recently got to chat with the band’s front man, John Wlaysewski about the future of Late Cambrian, traveling to Hong Kong, and Ryan Gosling. Gravy and Biscuits: How did you guys come together to form Late ...

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Indie Music Interviews: Sand Reckoner

Jon Sand

Indie Music Interviews: Sand Reckoner Benjamin Hughes November, 29 2012 Boston trio, Sand Reckoner, released their first full-length, self-titled album this past May.  They’ve got a sound akin to the west coast Joshua Tree collaborators, Desert Sessions, with some amazing harmonies by members Matthew Rhodes and Jonathan Lesh.  I spoke with Ben Hughes about the bands writing process, the Morphine legacy, ...

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