Indie Music Reviews: ‘Several Shades of Why’ by J Mascis

J Mascis Several Shades of Why

Indie Music Reviews:  Several Shades of Why by J Mascis Release Date: March 15, 2011 Sub Pop We have a new review up of Several Shades of Why, the latest album from indie rocker J Mascis. The review was written by Gravy and Biscuits writer Holly Miller-Carufel. J Mascis: Several Shades of Why Review J Mascis Bio More Music Reviews  

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Scrambled Eggs and Sausage Links

Image by feverblue via Flickr Christmas Songs that Don’t Suck (the Jebbica) HHR’s Macrophenomenal Q&A with FreeDarko’s Bethlehem Shoals (Hugging Harold Reynolds) Tara Reid heads to rehab (Epic Carnival) What…hell I don’t care..wear it (9 to Fried) Marisa Miller Vs. Stacy Keibler (Banned In Hollywood) Carmen Electra is busting out of her Playboy bunny suit (Celebridiot) The MacGyver Multitool ...

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Thing 2 Wins ‘Flavor of Love 3′

Thing 2

Spoiler alert!! Thing 2 won Flavor Flav‘s heart on the season finale Flavor of Love 3. Will this show finally be over? I just don’t know if I can stand watching Flavor Flav’s fug mug making out with one more skank! The episode began where it left off, with Black and Sinceer being announced the Final Two. But wait! Somethin’ ...

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Breaking Up Does Anne Hathaway’s Body Good

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is looking positively radiant after breaking up with that douchebag, Raffaello Follieri. I LOVE the new haircut…it makes her look more mature and more like a serious actress. I pretty much love everything about Ms. Hathaway and am so glad she got rid of that extra 200 lbs of baggage! And no, it’s not because of the constant ...

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Kings of Leon Perform at Madison Square Garden, NYC


Kings Of Leon performed to a sold out audience at Madison Square Garden , NYC. The Followill brothers (and cousin) were named one of the big breakout bands of 2008, even though they've been around for awhile, but I'm so glad they're finally getting some recognition! They're definitely one of those bands you either love or hate. I just happen to be on the "love" side of that spectrum. It doesn't hurt that drummer Nathan Followill once gave me some invaluable festival advice: "Make sure to bring your own 2-ply and Xanax!"

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John Cusack’s Stalker Emily Leatherman Arrested

Emily Leatherman mugshot

Now this is surprising…John Cusack has a stalker? Despite a restraining order barring her from  approaching the actor,  Emily Leatherman was arrested on suspicion of stalking. As deputies approached the scene they were flagged down by Cusack, who told them he recognized the woman in the cab and that she had been stalking him. Emily Leatherman, 33, was booked on ...

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Actor Jeff Bridges Signs with Blue Note Records


Actor Jeff Bridges Signs with Blue Note Records Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges is making his musical debut on a major label and signing to Blue Note Records/EMI Music Group, a division of Capitol. Bridges, who many of you will always know as “The Dude”, is recording with Oscar- and Grammy-award winning producer and Crazy Heart collaborator T-Bone Burnett. Jeff Bridges, ...

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