TMZ Disses Elliot Yamin’s Deceased Mother

Elliot Yamin TMZ

This is exactly why I hate TMZ. Be a smartass. Even be mean. But sometimes, you gotta know when to quit. Even the Vote for the Worst people were respectful when American Idol‘s Elliot Yamin‘s mother passed away.

Here’s what TMZ wrote:

The mother of “American Idol” contestant Elliott Yamin died last night in Richmond, Va. She was 65.

Claudette Yamin had been hospitalized over the weekend — so far, no cause of death revealed. She recently returned to her home in Richmond from L.A., the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported.

Yamin finished in 3rd place in 2006 on “Idol,” behind Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks — who, like Mrs. Yamin, will never be heard from again.

I’m sure this was just what someone grieving the loss of his mother wanted to read. How rude can you be? Come on now TMZ, it’s bad enough I kill brain cells because your show comes on at the same time as Jeopardy! and I’d rather see what kind of bad effects you’re going to break out than see what nerd is going to sweep the “Potent Potables” category. But this was a bit much. There are enough skanks and famewhores to make fun of without having to take shots at someone’s dead mother.

TMZ eventually took down the last sentence, after holding a poll to see if the general public thought it was tasteless. 81% said “Yes.”


  1. That is horribly tasteless…those people don’t know when to use humor! That is not the time….

  2. We all share in Elliott’s loss and wish the family all the best. Claudette Yamin was an inspiration and will be surely missed.

    I am glad I missed that TMZSleese Report!!

    I am from Richmond the home of Elliott Yamin and all I have to say is Elliott is one Star that is not clouded by his fame. He is down to earth and the same personality as the Kid that once worked at a local radio station and pharmacy prior to his Idol Fame.

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