Thing 2 Wins ‘Flavor of Love 3′

Thing 2

Spoiler alert!!

Thing 2 won Flavor Flav‘s heart on the season finale Flavor of Love 3. Will this show finally be over? I just don’t know if I can stand watching Flavor Flav’s fug mug making out with one more skank!

The episode began where it left off, with Black and Sinceer being announced the Final Two. But wait! Somethin’ ain’t right! So, Flav brings back Thing 2 to be one of his final contenders. Check out Black’s naughty almost nude pics here.

Flav has to make one elimination at the beginning of the show. He has two tickets, one to Monaco and one to Paris for his top two girls. He gave the first one to Thing 2 naturally, as it would have been really lame of him to bring her all the way back just to send her home! She is going to Paris to wait for Flav’s return from Monaco. The second ticket goes to Black, which means Klingon Sinceer is finally sent packing!
Flav and Black head to Monaco, and Flav has his hair twisted up into little devil horns. Everything is super-ghetto fab and blinged to the hilt. How romantical! Flav gives her a blinged out pink watch to show his affection, so she can always know what time it is. Blah blah blah, basically she’s a bore but her huge fake breasts super-tan skin turns him on, and they presumably get it on.

Next is Thing 2′s date with Flav in Paris. Thing 2 also gets a blinged out pink watch. Flavor Flav asked Thing 2 for a nightcap, and probably for the first time in celebreality history, she declined!! That’s classy! Kudos to Thing 2, for real!

Elimination time: The girls arrive at a big castle and are dressed in their Sunday hooker best. The girls are given the opportunity to explain why they should own Flav’s heart. Flav expressed the chemistry he had with Black, but he was in real TV love with Thing 2. Will they live happily ever after?

Thing 2SinceerThing 2Black

Flavor FlavFlavor Flav 2Flavor of Love 3Sinceer 2


  1. That’s what’s up!!! =) And everyone said that Black was gonna win. hahaha

  2. flav iisz a smart man he picked the right girl THiiNG 2 << i love dat bitch !
    they’re gettinq married 2 [[yaaaaayyy]]

  3. Flav finally stopped being a clown and got the right girl. Easy choice if you ask me because that girl is genuinely crazy for him. And she flexed on him the night before elimination and made him go to bed alone. Plus she’s got that sexy lil gap between her teeth, lol. Dude finally got a woman and not a fakeass video vixen.

  4. Karmel Kristian

    I was sooooooo happy that the ugly Sinceer was sent packing!! That b*tch was full of ugliness!! And she definately looks like a Klingon!!!

  5. I’m glad that thing 2 won, she was the real and the most down one for flav from the jump, I love thing 2, you go girl, you got your man.

  6. I’m glad flav picked my girl thing 2 because she is 4 flav i wish u 2 the best . Yeahhh boyyee flavor flav

  7. I’m very delighted myself about Flav and Thing2

  8. very happy that flav pick thing2! who’s flavor going to married?

  9. could there be series for Thing2 to find love? Something like “It’s a Love Thing”!

  10. Thing 2 was definately the most real in the house.. she kept it real all day long man im real happy 4 them although in my opinion and flav’s paaed record with women (havin 7 kids for different women ect) i would say thing 2 is waaay too good 4 him..but if thas who she loves much respect to ya girl! u got yo man!

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