Taylor Lautner Confirmed for ‘Twilight’ Sequel (Hot Pics!)


A few weeks ago, rumors were flying on the web that  Taylor Lautner, the cutie who played Jacob Black in the film debut of Twilight, was going to be replaced for the sequels.

However, People is reporting that Lautner, 16, will be  back as  Black after all in the Twilight sequel New Moon.

“It was my first instinct that Taylor was, is, and should be Jacob,” director Chris Weitz announced in a statement Jan. 7.

26-year-old Michael Copon had been in talks to replace Lautner, since the character of Jacob Black ages 10 years and grows taller and bulkier to portray his werewolf character (Spoiler! ?)  However, Lautner has been hitting the gym to build muscle, is “emotionally right for the part,” says Weitz.

Taylor is such a cutie pie; I’m so glad he’s not getting replaced by that other guy! What do you think? Check out lots more adorable pics of Lautner after the jump.

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