Taylor Hanson Expecting his Fourth Mmm Bopper

Taylor Hanson, “the cute one” from the 90s version of the Jonas Brothers, Hanson, is 25 years old. That’s one year older than I am. He and his wife, 26-year-old Natalie Hanson, are expecting their FOURTH child together! I swear, that’s all I ever hear about the Hansons anymore; they are constantly popping out kids! Pretty soon, they’re going to have their own little army, and we will all be powerless to stop them.

“Each of our kids has made life richer and more exciting,” say Taylor. His wife says, “We can’t wait for this guy to join the party.”

That makes seven babies for Hanson since their Mmm Bop days. The youngest, Zac, just welcomed his first baby, and the eldest, Isaac, just welcomed his second. But will the boys be changing diapers this fall? Perhaps not, as they are extending their Walk Around the World Tour!


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