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New in Theaters 5/9/2008

  Speed Racer     What Happens in Vegas     The Tracey Fragments   Limited Release     The Fall   Limited Release   Check out Ingenue Perspective for more!

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Who Were the Big Winners at the Teen Choice Awards?

After all that excitement I had about watching the televised dance-off between Miley Cyrus and ACDC, can you believe that I wound up missing it?! I do know, however, that Miley’s M&M Cru wound up “winning” over Jon M. Chu, Adam Sevani and company, much to my dismay! I can’t wait to see the video once they’re posted, and I ...

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Movie Review: ‘What Happens in Vegas’

What Happens in Vegas was a huge surprise to me. I had seen the previews, thought they looked pretty funny, but wasn’t really impressed. I was planning on renting it when it came out. It just so happened that all my friends wanted to see that one night, so we went. It was much better than I had expected! It’s ...

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