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Taylor Swift Says Joe Jonas Hurt her Deeply

Remember back in July, when Taylor Swift was rumored to be dating Joe Jonas?  Well, the rumors were true, but things did not end well between them! Taylor claims that Joe broke up with Taylor over the telephone.  That’s pretty low and cowardly, if you ask me.  Don’t even look her in the eye toContinue Reading

Joe Jonas Responds to Taylor Swift’s Heartbreak

Joe Jonas, everyone’s favorite Jonas Brother, has written a blog on MySpace in response to Taylor Swift’s comments that he broke up with her over a brief phone call and that he cheated on her with actress Camilla Belle. Continue Reading

The Best of the Rest at the AMAs (Photos)

  Here is a look at all of the other artists that attended the American Music Awards.  Included are Queen Latifah, Leona Lewis, Christina Aguilera, Jesse McCartney, Sarah Silverman, Ashley Tisdale, Demi Lovato, Natasha Bedingfield, and more! Here is a list of who won, and check out more photos below! Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist RihannaContinue Reading

Hotcakes and Hot Links

photo credit: (nutmeg) Leighton Meester knows sexy. This guy has a zillion pics to prove it. This other guy can solve a Rubick’s cube with one hand. Jerk. George W. Bush is so, so gangsta. The top ten vampires in pop culture. Angel better be on there! Katie Price knows what it takes to getContinue Reading