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Indie Music Interviews: Don Fleming


Indie Music Interviews: Don Fleming  In the late 70s and early 80s, Washington D.C. was home to many now-historic music-icons later fueling the vehicles of popular independent music as we know it today. When we hear “D.C. Early 80s,” A few names come to mind: Dischord Records, Fugazi, Black Flag, etc. Amongst the punk and post-hardcore no-brainers, was a thriving ...

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Megafaun: ‘Heretofore’ EP Review

Megafaun Heretofore

Heretofore, the new EP from North Carolina indie-jammers Megafaun, is the epitome of a bipolar collective. Containing six songs and just at thirty-three minutes long, it’s almost exactly half exhilerating, melodic, American folk-rock, but the other half is just noise. To call it hit-or-miss would be an understatement. A good gauge getting a synopsis of the album would be to ...

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