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Ryan Adams ‘Extra Cheese’ EP Out Today Exclusively via iTunes

Four-time Grammy Award nominee Ryan Adams will release the digital-only EP Extra Cheese (Lost Highway/UMe), exclusively via iTunes on February 10, 2009. Extra Cheese features six previously issued tracks plus the previously unreleased "Hey There, Mrs. Lovely," for the recession-friendly price of $3.98.

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Twin Shadow: “I Can’t Wait” (Gordon Voidwell Remix) Free mp3 Download

Twin Shadow

The name might as well be a movie title: Twin Shadow in … Forget. Only it’s not a movie; it’s a panoramic LP that introduces us to the twilight zone tale of George Lewis Jr. The troubled son of a hairdresser and a “teacher who lived many lives” (semi-pro football, massage therapy, film maker and other things we’ll tell you ...

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Trumpeter Rebecca Coupe Franks Celebrates 20 Year Career with ‘Check the Box’

Rebecca Coupe Franks

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the beginning of Rebecca Coupe Franks‘ remarkable career as trumpeter/composer/bandleader. The San Francisco Bay Area native was mentored by Joe Henderson during her youth in the ’80s, became a regular on the New York City jazz scene in the ’90s, and today is the owner of RCF Music Studio and RCF Records, a music composer/producer ...

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Local Natives Release Entirety Of Gorilla Manor For Remix (Free Download)


Local Natives have just finished an epic year, touring the world in support of their critically acclaimed (and one of my favorite albums of 2009-2010) debut Gorilla Manor. But just before they go into hiding to start work on their second record, they’re wrapping a few things up first. The band are adding the last four unreleased stems to their ...

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Former Model Sues Over Vampire Weekend ‘Contra’ Cover Art


We’ve all seen the cover of Contra, the latest album from Vampire Weekend.  And we’ve probably wondered, who is that kind-of plain-but-attractive girl, and why did they pick her to be their cover model?  The photo looks old, sure, but the way things are these days with prefaded jeans and hi def music with the crackly vinyl sounds of yesteryear ...

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Azure Ray: “Don’t Leave My Mind” (Free mp3 Download)


Azure Ray’s stunning first single, “Don’t Leave My Mind” from their highly anticipated release Drawing Down the Moon is available now for free, thanks to Saddle Creek!  The single will also be offered next week via iTunes and will include two other exclusive tracks, “Nightfall” and “Wake Up Sleepyhead (demo)”. Drawing Down the Moon is also available now for pre-order ...

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The Decemberists Announce New Tour Dates

Today, The Decemberists announced the first leg of the "A Short Fazed Hovel" tour for 2009. If you haven't downloaded "Rake Song" yet, you are missing out! That song definitely rules.

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Indie Music News: Imogen Heap to Release New Song and Video


Indie Music News–UK indie songstress Imogen Heap has announced that she will release the first song and video from her upcoming album on March 28, 2011. Being the quirky artist that she is, though, listeners will have to wait three years for the full physical album, but one song will be launched every three months to sate her fans’ appetites. ...

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