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Amy Winehouse is Lookin’ Good (Photos)


Paps caught Amy Winehouse outside her house this week, looking pretty hot! She chatted up the photographers for half an hour about television, Lindsay Lohan, and her marriage before exclaiming, "I love weed!" Sexy.

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Miley & Mandy Dance Cru Face Off Against ACDC on June 10!

Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux have a new video coming out soon, in which they PROMISE that they are going to stomp the Adam/Chu Dance Crew (ACDC). The video is coming out June 10, so be watching! I’ll admit that I am now obsessed with this nonsense, the “biggest online dance battle in YouTube history.” The first Miley and Mandy ...

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Lindsay Lohan ‘Last Sitting’ Outtakes (Photos NSFW)

Lindsay Lohan Outtakes

By now you’ve seen Lindsay Lohan‘s photo spread for New York Magazine where she recreates Marilyn Monroe‘s famous “Last Sitting” spread, and you may have even seen my joke post of what she looked like before she was airbrushed. Here are a few more outtakes from the shoot. I have to say that I like these even better than the ...

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Living Lohan Preview: Dina Threatens Celeb Bloggers

I really hate all these momagers and dadagers who pimp out their kids for fame and attention, yet when they see the least bit negative thing written or spoken about one of their children, they go all crazy and start trying to sue. Dina Lohan is one of those moms. Some people can’t just accept the good and laugh off ...

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Somewhere, Lindsay and Hilary are Having a Good Laugh

Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter was busted earlier this week in Texas with two ounces of marijuana. He was originally pulled over on I-10 for speeding, and, when cops searched his vehicle, they found his stash. That little punk is behind bars! Don’t all of the Carters have mugshots? The family that gets arrested together stays together…isn’t that how it goes? Regardless, you ...

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Scrambled Eggs and Sausage Links

Jessica Simpson Tony Romo

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo break up, Kimberly Stewart cut off all her hair, and Dennis Farina was arrested at LAX.  This week is already crazy in the celebrity world! Check out what else has happened this week: Nick Cannon has bling, too (DD) Bill O’Reilly goes nuts on Inside Edition (GB) American Gladiators returns to NBC (HC) Is Britney ...

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