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Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas Caught Kissing! (Photos)

Miley Cyrus Nick Jonas Kissing

Miley Cyrus may be with 20-year-old underwear model Justin Gaston now, but there was a time that rumors were flying about her dating Nick Jonas. Well, now we finally have photographic evidence that they were a real couple. Oh, I know, doesn’t this just break your hearts? Those lips are for you only!  Oh well girls, Nick still has plenty ...

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Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa as Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus

Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa dressed up as Billy Ray Cyrus and daughter Miley Cyrus for their Halloween special. Kelly really has Miley down to a tee, don’t you think? Also, check out the bonus “music video” featuring Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers.  Finally, the JoBros hotter than ever before!

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Live at the 2008 MTV VMAs!


The 2008 MTV Video Music Awards (25th Anniversary Edition!) are here, and everyone (except me) is hoping that it won’t be as big a trainwreck as it was last year! The event has ditched Las Vegas and is back in Los Angeles. We will be sure to keep you up to date with the winners and highlights, so keep refreshing ...

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Kevin Jonas is a D-Bag

Kevin Jonas

Dear Kevin Jonas, Recently you were photographed wearing a T-Shirt that read, “Team Demi and Selena”. Most people know that there’s a little “feud” going on between Disney starlets Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. This feud is apparently because Selena is now dating your brother, Nick, after he used to date Miley. I understand that maybe Miley hurt your brother ...

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Who Were the Big Winners at the Teen Choice Awards?

After all that excitement I had about watching the televised dance-off between Miley Cyrus and ACDC, can you believe that I wound up missing it?! I do know, however, that Miley’s M&M Cru wound up “winning” over Jon M. Chu, Adam Sevani and company, much to my dismay! I can’t wait to see the video once they’re posted, and I ...

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Is Joe Jonas Dating Taylor Swift?

Joe Jonas Taylor Swift

Rumor has it that Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers may just be dating country singer Taylor Swift. OMG noooo, he’s mine!!! Just kidding, but I can’t wait for the comments that say stuff like that! In case you are crushing on 18-year-old Joe and your world is about to crumble, here’s the scoop. Taylor joined the JoBros on tour ...

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