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Everything Everything Premieres New Single, Sells Out UK


Is it just me, or do Everything Everything look like if the Jonas Brothers had a children with the Beatles?  I’m just getting into this band, who kind of mixes Britpop with punk, throws in some harmonies, then throws in about five gallons of sheer weird awesomeness.  I just can’t get enough of “Photoshop Handsome”. Imagine a band who fuse ...

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Who is Joe Jonas Kissing? (Photos)


Joe Jonas was photographed kissing a girl who was not Camilla Belle. Do I smell a scandal a-brewin'? No, it's just a fan! Joe and the other brothers visited Good Morning America in Times Square last week. The Jonas Brothers also signed autographs, kissed fans, and donated to a winter coat drive. I really like their

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Jonas Brothers Star in Movie with Farting Dog

Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas

Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas The Jonas Brothers, aka OMG T3H J0N@$ BR0TH3R$!!!!!!!!1111, are soon to debut in their first feature film, and they are going to have one high profile costar–a farting dog! The movie is called Walter the Farting Dog and will star Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, and even little Frankie Jonas as a singing group ...

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Kevin Jonas is NOT a D-Bag

Jonas Brothers VMAs

After reading about what good sports the Jonas Brothers were after being mocked on national television by Russell Brand at the MTV VMAs, I completely and totally retract my former statement that the eldest JoBro, Kevin Jonas, is a D-bag.  And to be honest, I was only kidding to begin with, a way to stir up a conversation amongst fans.  ...

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Brooke White and Graham Nash on Idol Finale (Video)

Brooke White

Brooke White and Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young performed “Teach Your Children Well” on last night’s finale of American Idol. It was one of my favorite performances of the night! Hopefully Brooke will be able to find something in that kind of vein to work with once it comes time to make a record. I’m beginning to ...

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Taylor Hicks Hearts the Jonas Brothers


Taylor Hicks was photographed holding a sign saying “The Jonas Brothers Rock my World!” Isn’t Taylor like, 59 31? Any man over the age of…okay, any man at all has no business liking the Jonas Brothers. I find this photo to be just all kinds of creepy! What do you think? Photo Source: Just Jared

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The Jonas Brothers are Yankees

Jonas Brothers Yankees

The Jonas Brothers put on their best Yankees’ hats and hit up Yankee Stadium on Saturday to check out a game. Disclaimer: The “The Jonas Brothers are Yankees” title is strictly because they went to a Yankee game and this is a Southern site, so before you start leaving me comments that say “Nuh UH! The Jonas Brothers fought for ...

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Justin Bieber Sings “Baby” on Today Show (Video)

Image via Wikipedia Justin Bieber. Wow, there’s a name we have never mentioned on this site before! Maybe because the last time we updated this site, you know, Justin Bieber was still in diapers. Which was last week. But we are back now, with a new look and a new style, and who better to kick us off in style ...

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