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Who the Heck is James Holzier?!

There’s no getting around it. James Holzier is a star on the rise, one who keeps girls and boys on the Internet all aflutter. Certified as the No. 1 searched guy on MenCelebs.com, written up in magazines and Web sites, and buzzed about on such television shows as Entertainment Tonight and The Insider, Holzier attracts the kind of attention other ...

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Who is James Holzier?

by Cool Web Mom New actor James Holzier is becoming very popular and soaring to success. He already is the #1 searched male celebrity in the world on MenCelebs.com. Why is he so popular? He is authentic. Holzier is growing to a large following. Fan’s across the globe and net are calling him their own and clamoring on details of ...

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