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Cass McCombs: ‘WIT’S END’ Review


Artist: Cass McCombs Album: WIT’S END Label: Domino Records There comes a time in the maturation process of any great artist when that artist realizes that most of the time, less is more. For Cass McCombs, WIT’S END is that moment. On the record, the fifth full-length from the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, McCombs drastically changes his songwriting approach, ditching the ...

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Land of Talk: ‘Cloak and Cipher’ Album Review

Land of Talk

For most bands, having your lead singer suffer a vocal hemorrhage might be a decent excuse to put out a sub-par album, or even to postpone making one altogether.  This did not seem to slow down Montreal indie-pop group Land of Talk, however, as their second album, Cloak and Cipher, was recorded during frontwoman Elizabeth Powell‘s recovery from such an affliction. For Cloak and ...

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Grave Babies – “Gothdammit” Review


Artist: Grave Babies Album: Gothdammit Label: Hardly Art Can an artist become so immersed in their influences that they lose sight of their own musical identity? Does that need to pay homage to those bands you admire come at the cost of something unique and original? It’s a fine line for a band to straddle as it deals with the ...

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Indie Music Reviews: ‘Mine is Yours’ by Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids Mine is Yours

Indie Music Reviews: Mine is Yours by Cold War Kids Downtown/Mercury/V2 Label We have a new indie music review of the latest album from Cold War Kids, Mine is Yours. The review was written by Alisha Vazquez. Check out all our other indie artists and music reviews.

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Indie Music Reviews: ‘Smoke Ring for my Halo’ by Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile Smoke Ring for my Halo

Indie Music Reviews: Smoke Ring for my Halo by Kurt Vile We have a new indie music review up of indie artist Kurt Vile and his latest Matador release, Smoke Ring for my Halo. The review was written by Gravy and Biscuits writer Brandon Bond. Check it out, and check out all our other indie music reviews!

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The Strokes: ‘Angles’ Review

Strokes Angles

Artist: The Strokes Album: Angles Label: RCA/Rough Trade Editor’s note: We’re about 50/50 on this album, so here are two of our writers’ opinions. Be sure to check out Angles to make up your own mind and let us know on which side of the coin you fall! Over the past decade, The Strokes have carved out a niche as being 21st century indie/garage rock pioneers. With ...

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Indie Music Reviews: ‘No Color’ by Dodos

Indie Music Reviews: No Color by Dodos Release Date: March 15, 2011 Frenchkiss We have a new review up of No Color, the latest album from indie artists Dodos. The review was written by Gravy and Biscuits writer Brad Walker. Dodos: No Color Review Dodos Bio More Music Reviews

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Up and Coming Artists: Crooked Bars (Free Download)

Crooked Bars EP

Crooked Bars are a band of indie artists from Portland, OR. Like their neighbors the Decemberists, they have found their home on the indie music scene, but that’s about all the two bands have in common, other than the fact that they’re both kind of awesome. Resident Gravy and Biscuits princess of snark Lindsey Pickett recently reviewed Crooked Bars’ EP, ...

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