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WTF Is Jessica Simpson Wearing?!


Hey, remember that time Joe Simpson sent me a cease and desist because he is a complete moron who can’t handle anything bad written about his baby girls? So, instead of tackling the big boys of blogging who actually have lawyers for this sort of thing, he goes after the little guy, aka me? Joe Simpson tries to sue me ...

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Dora the Explorer Gets a Grown-Up Makeover


Dora the Explorer is a cute little cartoon character, but she has always been known to me as The Mismatched Kid. With her pink shirt that doesn't fit, orange shorts, yellow socks, and purple backpack, she is hardly a fashionista. However, that is just what she's about to be made into be!

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Katie Price is a Fashion Inspiration (Photos)

Katie Price Pepto Barbie

Katie Price was out in this bubblegum vomit outfit promoting something or other, and she is truly a fashion inspiration. A fashion inspiration for the following: Pepto Bismol My Little Pony Barbie Beej the Pink Sheep’s website (just kidding Beej!) I don’t know WTF she was thinking, unless it’s some sort of Halloween garb. Knowing Katie though, I highly doubt ...

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Heidi Klum’s Sexy Victoria Secret Lingerie Campaign (Photos)


There have been talks lately that Heidi Klum is now "too old" and "too fat" to be a lingerie model. But judging from these photos, I'd say she's neither. She looks great! And if most of us women looked half as good as she did in lingerie, we'd probably consider ourselves pretty lucky. The fashion industry is so, so odd sometimes.

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Out with the Old, In with the New


Jebbica’s Corner March 18, 2007 I find it very hard to get rid of things. But sometimes, one just has to survey her wardrobe and say, I am never going to be this thin again. And even if I DO get back into this size one day, this is so out of style that I wouldn’t wear it, anyway. Such ...

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Former Model Sues Over Vampire Weekend ‘Contra’ Cover Art


We’ve all seen the cover of Contra, the latest album from Vampire Weekend.  And we’ve probably wondered, who is that kind-of plain-but-attractive girl, and why did they pick her to be their cover model?  The photo looks old, sure, but the way things are these days with prefaded jeans and hi def music with the crackly vinyl sounds of yesteryear ...

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2010 Glamour Women of the Year (Photos)


The 2010 Glamour Women Of The Year Awards were held at the Berkeley Square Gardens in London Tuesday night on June 8, 2010. However, if you ask me, none of the ladies posing on the red carpet looked too glamorous to me.  Among the not-so-glamorous were Pixie Geldof (above), Lily Allen, Nicole Richie, Amanda Holden, Cheryl Cole, Anna Kendrick, and Florence ...

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Haute Couture Week: Valentino Collection 2009


It's Fashion Week in Paris, and I am absolutely loving the Valentino Haute Couture collection! Most of the time I laugh at this kind of stuff because I honestly just can't understand how anyone would actually wear any of this stuff in real life. But the pieces in this collection are modern, architectural, and yet still pretty. I would definitely wear pieces from this collection--if I had thousands of dollars to spend on clothing, that is. And the Cindy Lou Who hair? I'm digging it!

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