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If They Mated: American Idol Look-a-Likes

Robbie Carrico

Some of these are kind of lame, but some of them were too funny not to share! Bucky Covington [Season 5] + Sabretooth from X-Men = Robbie Carrico Vonzell Soloman [Season 4] + Rudi Huxtable = Alexandrea Lushington Sanjaya Malakar [Season 6] + Pete Wentz = Danny Noriega Kat McPhee [Season 5] + Amy Lee = Carly Smithson

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American Idol Overload: Who is Going to be Voted Off?

American Idol Top 12

I have written probably more about last night’s American Idol Lennon/McCartney episode that I care to. So, in case you missed it, here’s the complete list of commentary! American Idol 3/11/2008 Live Blog For full performance videos and the smartass things I had to say about them, click on the names below: David Archuleta Kristy Lee Cook Michael Johns Amanda ...

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American Idol: Who is Going Home Tonight?

American Idol Top 10

People on the inside say they have a good idea of who the bottom three of tonight’s American Idol are, and the prospects aren’t looking too good!  Why, oh why, is Kristy Lee Cook getting to hang around?  The girl is terrible, and that rendition of “God Bless the U.S.A.” was uber-cheesy and off-key! DialIdol which predicts the busy signal ...

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David Archuleta’s ‘Imagine’ Performance (Video)

David Archuleta, the precocious 16-year-old, was by far my favorite from last night’s American Idol performances. I was afraid he picked a song that would be too mature for his age, but he pulled it off! Here is the video of his performance of “Imagine” by John Lennon.

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Jeff ‘Stage Dad’ Archuleta Banned From ‘American Idol’ Backstage

Jeff Archuleta

Jeff Archuleta, father of 17-year-old singing prodigy and American Idol contestant David Archuleta, will not be allowed on the backstage of American Idol for the two remaining weeks. Jeff Archuleta has been accused of interfering with the goings on back stage (with the main catalyst being a lyric change) and will no longer be allowed to accompany David during rehearsals ...

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Someone Made a David Archuleta Lip-Licking Video!

David Archuleta

I am so glad someone besides me noticed that annoying thing David Archuleta does where he’s always licking his lips! I mean, I like the kid a lot, I feel sorry for him having to put up with his stage dad Nazi of a father, and he’s a really good singer, but that lip-licking thing just really irks me! Well, ...

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Vampire Weekend on SNL (Video)

Vampire Weekend Spin

I saw Vampire Weekend on SNL tonight and they are great! I had noticed them on my issue of this month’s Spin Mag (they’re on the cover) but hadn’t really paid much attention to them…when trying to keep up with pop culture, it’s hard to keep tabs on what’s really going on! I have probably lost a million points of ...

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