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Justin Timberlake Goes Out with his Grandparents

I don’t know, but this was my first thought when I saw this photo of Justin Timberlake out with Madonna and Iggy Pop. I thought, aww, doesn’t J-Tim look sweet with his grandparents? Also, is Iggy Pop ever going to put a shirt on? One of these oldies was inducted into the Rock and RollContinue Reading

Chris Brown, Lindsay Lohan vs. Miley Cyrus, Mandy Jiroux in Biggest Online Dance Battle. Ever!

My first thoughts about a so-called “online dance battle”: um, what? That sounds like the lamest thing ever! You may have seen Miley Cyrus‘ and Mandy Jiroux‘s version of “4 Minutes” they did on YouTube. It was a grand scale dance video, and it was cute enough. That video was a response to ACDC (Adam/ChuContinue Reading

Back in the Saddle

Obviously, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other! A lot has happened since we last spoke. Jon and Kate split. There were some unfortunate deaths in the entertainment world, such as Michael Jackson (in case you didn’t hear) and BILLY MAYS!. Britney got a new boyfriend. Rihanna ditched Chris Brown for that wheelchair dude from Degrassi. And Amy Winehouse is still Amy Winehouse…I think.Continue Reading

Chris Brown is ‘Sorry’ for Attacking Rihanna

Chris Brown finally released and official statement for his alleged assault on Rihanna.  And when I wrote “Sorry” in quotations in the headline, it was because that’s what he was quoted as saying, but I have this odd feeling that he kind of said it with mock quotation marks.  You know, like “I’m so ‘sorry’Continue Reading