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DVD Releases: February 17, 2009

All these movies are coming out today, and what am I most excited about? Dead Like Me's straight-to-DVD follow-up movie, Life After Death. I also love how they conveniently ran a marathon on Sci Fi yesterday so I could get wrapped up in it again! Still so sad that that show, much like its characters, died prematurely.

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2009 81st Academy Awards Oscar Ballot, Winners, and Live Blog

Hello everyone, we will be back on Twitter for another play-by-play of the 81st Annual Academy Awards, aka the 2009 Oscars but we will also be updating the winners here. It wouldn't be the Oscars without a drinking game, so be sure to print out your ballot and know that whenever you get one wrong, someone thanks God or their parents, or you notice someone with coke nose and you have to take a drink, we will be too!

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