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Ashley Olsen is Officially Hotter than Mary-Kate

Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen

According to Maxim Magazine, Ashley Olsen is hotter than twin sis Mary-Kate! Ashley came in at #47 on their “Hot 100″ list, while Mary-Kate didn’t even make the list. Ashley is looking really pretty lately…who knew grinning could increase your hotness by so much! She’s also looking less like a little old granny, unlike Mary-Kate, who still looks like a ...

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Chace Crawford Arrested for Pot (Mugshot)

Chace Crawford Mugshot

Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford was arrested for possession of marijuana Friday morning.  Police reportedly found less than two ounces in his car. TV Popcrunch had this to say: Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford reportedly was arrested in the parking lot of Ringo’s Pub in Plano, Texas, after police found he was in possession of less than two ounces of ...

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Tom Hanks Endorses Barack Obama

Tom Hanks has finally addressed what I’ve been saying all along, that there is no reason someone should vote for someone because a celebrity tells them to (he does it in a delightfully snarky way too, which I love)! But, after Tom reveals how edumacated he is, he goes on to endorse Senator Barack Obama, anyway. A poll on TMZ ...

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Actor Kevin Gage Arrested for Marijuana

Kevin Gage Mugshot

Actor Kevin Gage was arrested for possession of marijuana in Annapolis, MD yesterday. Gage was reportedly smoking a hand-rolled joint after they were called to the scene of a loud party. He was cited and released. Gage previously served 2.5 years in a federal pen for growing marijuana. He was in town to film an independent movie that wrapped production ...

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Dear Simon Baker, Will You Marry Me?


Dear Simon Baker, Will you marry me?  Sure, okay, you’re already married.  I get it.  You just happen to be incredibly handsome and one of the only decent men in Hollywood.  One who has blue collar roots, an accent, and a knack for playing a genius on TV flawlessly.  Who gives his children adorable names like “Harry Friday”.  Who, if ...

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The Olsen Twins Lose One Million Dollars


It’s a sad day, America. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the beloved little actresses that played annoying Michelle on Full House are losing nearly 1.5M in a real estate deal. Perhaps in a move to assure sale of said domicile, they opted to drop the initial 11.9M figure to a paltry 10.45M. Fret not fearful leaders, they still have their massive ...

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Separated at Birth?!

Bigfoot Morisette

Left: The fake Bigfoot. Right: The real Bigfoot. Seriously, what is up with Alanis Morissette‘s hair? You oughta know that the Yeti look is out!

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Weekend Gossip Roundup for May 09, 2008

Nick Hogan

This week we’ve seen some crazy stuff!  Nick Hogan is finally going to jail, Britney Spears may be moving, and Paris Hilton is unbeweavable.  Oh, and Uma Thurman is walking around in a body bag!  Here’s a look at today’s hot stories: Nick Hogan is going to jail! (CR) High school photos of Amy Winehouse (BBP) What NOT to wear! ...

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