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Panic at the Disco’s New Album is a Complete Ripoff

I’m soooo lame, but I’m really digging the new Panic and the Disco album (they took out the “!” as a sign of “maturity”). It’s a BLATANT rip-off of The Beatles, I mean some of it is note for note. Except that one song, which starts out as a blatant ripoff of Daft Punk then segues into a blatant ripoff ...

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Land of Talk: ‘Cloak and Cipher’ Album Review

Land of Talk

For most bands, having your lead singer suffer a vocal hemorrhage might be a decent excuse to put out a sub-par album, or even to postpone making one altogether.  This did not seem to slow down Montreal indie-pop group Land of Talk, however, as their second album, Cloak and Cipher, was recorded during frontwoman Elizabeth Powell‘s recovery from such an affliction. For Cloak and ...

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Weezer: ‘Hurley’ Album Review


Hurley, the latest release from Weezer, was looked at warily by hardcore fans. They had felt slightly betrayed by the previous album, Raditude, and could only hope for a return to the same sound that had made Weezer such a breakthrough band through the previous decade.  These fans were not disappointed by Hurley. Fresh off their latest tour of festivals, ...

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Megafaun: ‘Heretofore’ EP Review

Megafaun Heretofore

Heretofore, the new EP from North Carolina indie-jammers Megafaun, is the epitome of a bipolar collective. Containing six songs and just at thirty-three minutes long, it’s almost exactly half exhilerating, melodic, American folk-rock, but the other half is just noise. To call it hit-or-miss would be an understatement. A good gauge getting a synopsis of the album would be to ...

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