Suri Cruise Gets her Hair Dyed…WTF?!

Suri Cruise Light Hair

I know children’s hair can lighten and darken as they age, but Suri Cruise‘s new hair color looks a little out-of-the-box. Do you think she’s had her hair dyed already at the tender age of two? And if so, is that too young to be putting those kinds of chemicals on a child’s hair? I know Tom and Katie are a little kooky (okay, a lot kooky), but this just seems absurd.

WWXD…what would Xenu do?

One comment

  1. If you know anything about photography you can tell that the tint is totally different for the whole picture. It’s just the way the photo was taken. PLUS when I was her age my hair was the same way and in the summer it got super light.

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