Skip Caray- Broadcaster and Voice for the Atlanta Braves- Passes Away at 68

Skip Caray (Harry Christopher Caray, Junior) (8/12/1939- 8/3/2008) beloved broadcaster for the Atlanta Braves, 68, has joined Harry Caray at the big Baseball field in the sky.

Carey, who cause of passing isn’t clear yet, had been unable to voice Braves away games this season due to health complications.

Skip was introduced to broadcasting by his father Harry Caray, who was the beloved announcer for the Chicago Cubs, and a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Skip Caray is preceded by Childeren Chip Caray (broadcaster for the Atlanta Braves), Josh Caray (announcer for the Rome (Ga.) Braves), Cindy Caray, Shayelyn Caray, and his wife Paula Caray.

Our thoughts are with their family, as are the thoughts of millions of Atlanta Braves fans.

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  1. Why couldn’t it have been Chip who died instead? At least Skip had some talent like his dad….

  2. I believe it is the best time for the Big Z to move on. Larger headache than he is worth.

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