Silver Jews release new compilation Early Times on Drag City; hear song “Secret Knowledge of Back Roads”

Come June 19th, those of us who can’t get enough of indie rockers Silver Jews will have something to celebrate.  No, it’s not a new album but it’s close.  Early Times is a collection that compiles both the Dime Map of the Reef and The Arizona Record albums.  Granted they’ve both been released for going on 20 years but they’ve been out of print for so long, it’s a wonder you’ve even heard of them.  You have, right? If not, here’s your chance.  Just don’t tell your friends that this is the first time you’ve heard these songs.

Listen to track “Secret Knowledge of Back Roads” here.  You’re welcome.

01. Canada
02. The Walnut Falcon
03. September 1999
05. THE Unchained Melody
06. Secret Knowledge of Back Roads
07. I Love the Rights
08. Jackson Nightz
09. The War in Apartment 1812
10. West S
11. You Can’t Trust It To Remain
12. The Wild Palms
13. Welcome To The House of the Bats
14. Bar Scene From Star Wars


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