Shayne Lamas Wins Matt’s Heart on ‘The Bachelor: London Calling’


British bachelor Matt Grant got down on one knee and proposed to Shayne Lamas on tonight’s season finale of The Bachelor: London Calling. And she said yes!

Shayne is the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas and Michele Cathy Smith. Her father is the son of the late Argentine actor Fernando Lamas and U.S.-born actress of Norwegian descent, Arlene Dahl.

Matt Grant is the first British bachelor of the series and is involved in financial markets and development. He is from Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, England.

Although Matt professed his love for both Shayne and Chelsea Wanstrath, it was “Monkey” Shayne who won Matt’s heart.

Congratulations, Matt and Shayne!


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  1. i am so happy for matt and shanyne i would be must up set if matt didnot pick shanyne she is the right girl for him

  2. Chelsea’s true colors were exposed after she was not given the final rose. Anger and resentment was spewed at both Matt and Shayne. In addition to calling Matt a fool…she bashed Shayne, calling her
    the “falsest” (great grammar eh?) person there.
    Thank God, Matt followed his heart. I think they make a wonderful couple.

  3. Congrats to Matt and Shayne! I am so happy he chose Shayne, she’s a living doll!
    Chelsea seemed unpolished, crude and short on brains. All this was confirmed by her behavior upon learning that she was not the chosen one. Tacky tacky tacky!

  4. I am so happy!!! He said during the show that he felt more comfortable around Shayne and more passionate around Chelsea. That’s true; he seemed to have nothing to talk about with Chelsea (until it got to the sexy talk.) On the other hand he always seemed really comfortable around Shayne, when talking about anything. That’s real important in a relationship, because soon that fiery passionate feeling disappears as the years pass. You want someone you can be friends with and relate to forever.

    He made the right choice thank god. I seriously thought it would be Chelsea after seeing the white fingernails on the preview.

    Chelsea is really fake too. I’m glad he did not realize that too late.

  5. I’m hoping Matt made the right choice. I liked both of the girls, however Shayne is an actress and we all know how their relationships seem to change frequently. I hope that she does not fall into the ‘spectrum’ for lack of a better word that other actors/actresses do and only settle down for a year or two before splitting. Only time will tell, but for now I hope they are happy and enjoy the time they have together..maybe they will surprise everyone and live happily ever after!!

  6. It was a nail biter for me and I was wishing to myself when the first limo pulled up, “it better be Chelsea”…and was really relieved.
    Matt’s parents felt there was more of a connection with Shayne than with Chelsea. Matt’s Mum also wondered if Chelsea’s intentions were real or just for her to hear.
    My feelings about Chelsea were, you couldn’t trust her. She never looked Matt in his eyes when she was telling him she was falling in love with him as Shayne was always in his face and very sweet. I could not see Matt with Chelsea because she despised “public affection” and Shayne wanted to let the world know of their love.

    I saw Matt & Shayne on Ellen and I truly hope they make it…they are VERY cute together and I definitely see “the connection”.

    Congrats Matt & Shayne, love you both!

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