Scrambled Eggs and Sausage Links: New Bloggers Edition

Ambre ‘Rock of Love 2′ Finale

Here’s a look at what’s new at Backseat Cuddler:


Also, we are getting a couple of guest writers who will be contributing now and again. Each brings something unique to the table and I think you’ll love them! And, they’re all Southern! Here’s a brief look at the fresh meat:

Cameron: Obsessed with Buffy, television, Post Secret, and strong women.

Matt: A beer connoisseur and watches TMZ way more than a burly 22 year old man should.

Josh: Our resident film critic.

Lindsey: She’ll do your taxes and then take you to the rockin’est concert in town.

Other writers are on the way and as soon as they confirm a yes or no, I’ll add them, too! And we’re always looking for people to contribute, so if you’re interested, drop us a line at!


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