Scrambled Eggs and Sausage Links

Sex and the City Promo

Sex and the City: who’s sick of these cougars yet?–Dirty Disher

Sonny Bono was murdered!–Gabby Babble

Mandy Jiroux racy MySpace photosBitten and Bound 

Hulk Hogan and his new girlfriend are EWWW–Hollywood Crap

John Mayer vs. Perez HiltonAnything Hollywood

Jamie Lynn hits the big 1-7–Layddee 

Jodi Sweetin

Jodi Sweetin: from Full House to full belly!–Knocked Up Celebs

Jessica Simpson puts on her best pair of mom pants–Behind Blondie Park

Cameron Diaz looks photoshopped hot for GQ–7 Confessions

Jensen Ackles looks hot–Taylor’s Entertainment 

Britney Spears looks hot in track pants–Distortrait

Hillary Clinton and Ellen to join a bowling league?–Crabbie’s Hollywood

Katie Holmes‘ new ‘do makes her look even MORE like Tom Cruise!–Celebmonkey

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