Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

A belated Christmas present for you: Denice Milani in a box–Pick Me Up! NewsBrekkie De Lite

Angelina Jolie might not be able to have any more kids–Anything Hollywood

Mychal Bell, Jena Six teen shoots himself–Bitten and Bound

Soujah Boy thinks Nas killed hip hop (is this the Twilight Zone?!)–Jooksed

Megan Fox bikini pics outtakes–Holly Hotness

Mia Farrow‘s daughter passed away Christmas Day–Daily Stab

Tyrese Gibson celebrates his 30th birthday–Hollywire

Katie Holmes commits another fashion no-no–Snark Food

Spaghetti Cat is the best person of 2008–Pink Sheep

Jessica Alba looks like she’s in love–Mom Pop Son

Creative Commons License photo credit: lepiaf.geo

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