Roger Federer: Officially the Greatest Tennis Player Ever


Roger Federer has always been the greatest tennis player EVER to me.  Watching him play is like watching ballet.  His fluidity on the court is what makes me think, hey, I can do this; it’s not so hard! And so I go, and I wind up feeling like a bull in a china shop.  Not Roger, though, who was probably polishing his backhand in the womb.

Today was his day.  I didn’t think I could be any happier after watching him beat poor little Robin Soderling at the French Open, Roger’s first ever win there.  That was the day he tied Pete Sampras for grand slam titles.  Today was the day he beat him, therefore making him the greatest tennis player who ever lived.

I know I should be rooting for Andy Roddick, who is a fellow American, but while I don’t have anything against the guy, he’s just no Roger.  Not only is Roger THAT GOOD, but he’s so freakin’ nice that you can’t root against him.  People genuinely want him to win.  And win is what he did today at Wimbledon, in 5 sets against Roddick.  The final score was 5-7, 7-6, 7-6, 3-6, and 16-14.

It was the first time that Roddick and Federer had ever made it to five sets, with a record-breaking fifth set consisting of 30 games!  Roddick played incredibly, but Roger’s spirit would not be broken.  In the end, it was he who reigned triumphant.

Watching old reruns of McEnroe on the Tennis Channel shows a very different game than is played today. There was cursing. There was yelling. There was fighting.  Tennis today has become a much more civil sport, which makes it both pleasant and painful to watch.  I mean, it’s hard to boo the other guy when he’s just as courteous as his opponent.  And I think that’s in part thanks to Federer, too.  Congrats!

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