Panic at the Disco’s New Album is a Complete Ripoff

I’m soooo lame, but I’m really digging the new Panic and the Disco album (they took out the “!” as a sign of “maturity”). It’s a BLATANT rip-off of The Beatles, I mean some of it is note for note. Except that one song, which starts out as a blatant ripoff of Daft Punk then segues into a blatant ripoff of Imogen Heap. But, if you’re going to copy someone, I guess it’s better to copy The Beatles than Fall Out Boy. And I love The Beatles, Daft Punk, and Imogen. So I find it seriously listenable. What’s wrong with me? I wonder who they’ll copy on their next album? Radiohead? I should give these kids a break; they’re still finding their voice. But I still feel really guilty for liking it. Pretty. Odd.

Check this out and you’ll see what I mean!

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