Minnie Driver is Preggers

Minnie Driver

Minnie Driver announced last night to Jay Leno that she is, in fact, pregnant, after dealing with rumors of it for weeks. He remarked teasingly that the actress had gained weight.”Are you calling me fat?” she joked. When Leno asked if she was pregnant, the 38-year-old The Riches star replied, “Yes I am.”

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Ethan Hawke Marries Homewrecker Nanny

Ethan Hawke Ryan Shawhughes

Ethan Hawke and homewrecker nanny Ryan Shawhughes were married three weeks ago in New York. Three weeks ago?! Apparently, no one cared enough to write about this story when it happened. Maybe because Ethan Hawke is a scumbag and Ryan is a hoochie who is okay with taking someone’s hubby away from them while babysitting their children. Ryan is also ...

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Jonas Brothers Star in Movie with Farting Dog

Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas

Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas The Jonas Brothers, aka OMG T3H J0N@$ BR0TH3R$!!!!!!!!1111, are soon to debut in their first feature film, and they are going to have one high profile costar–a farting dog! The movie is called Walter the Farting Dog and will star Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, and even little Frankie Jonas as a singing group ...

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Skip Caray- Broadcaster and Voice for the Atlanta Braves- Passes Away at 68

Skip Caray

Skip Caray (Harry Christopher Caray, Junior) (8/12/1939- 8/3/2008) beloved broadcaster for the Atlanta Braves, 68, has joined Harry Caray at the big Baseball field in the sky. Carey, who cause of passing isn’t clear yet, had been unable to voice Braves away games this season due to health complications. Skip was introduced to broadcasting by his father Harry Caray, who ...

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Tatum O’Neal Arrested for Trying to Buy Crack

Tatum O'Neal

Tatum O’Neal was busted yesterday for trying to buy crack and cocaine. Do those two mix? Furthermore, how old is she?! Old enough to know better, I should say! Maybe not though, judging from the excuses she gave the cops (according to Page Six). “When the police approached, she asked them, ‘You know who I am, right?’ ” one source ...

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Scrambled Eggs and Sausage Links

Dick Cheney Sunglasses

My boyfriend, Michael Johns, gets kicked off American Idol!–Gabby Babble Elvis lives!–Bitten and Bound Courtney Love’s drug collection (photos)–Dirty Disher Mayer Bloomberg and Tyra Banks are BFFs–Crabbie’s Hollywood Adnan Ghalib and Kathy Griffin get cozy–Anything Hollywood Naked strippers reflected in Dick Cheney’s sunglasses–Bumpshack American Idol puts Jesus back in ‘Shout to the Lord’–Hollywood Crap Clarissa Explains it All about baby ...

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