Concerts and Festivals: TDawg’s Back Porch Hootenanny at Cherokee Farms April 2

Cherokee Farms

Concerts and Festivals: TDawg’s Back Porch Hootenanny at Cherokee Farms April 2 If you live in the Atlanta/Chattanooga area and you like bluegrass, you’ll probably want to check out TDawg’s Back Porch Hootenanny at Cherokee Farms in Lafayette, GA April 2. Seeing as Lafayette’s my hometown, you know we will be there! Cherokee Farms is a gorgeous place, located on ...

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Heidi Montag Photographed without Makeup

Heidi Montag no Makeup

Heidi Montag was spotted recently at LAX, and for once, it doesn’t look like an event she called her photographer about ahead of time. She was photographed with…no makeup! Can we say it together now–OMG!! Where was Spencer and what would he have done about it? Photo: The Superficial

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Spooky Halloween Movies For The Family

Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Here is a look at a few movies, that can be enjoyed guilt-free with the whole family on Halloween. It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! (1966) Perennial Halloween classic follows the misadventures of The Charlie Brown gang, with Snoopy halfway saving the day.  This is a real treat for kids and adults alike, and especially if you haven’t seen this ...

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Local Natives Release Entirety Of Gorilla Manor For Remix (Free Download)


Local Natives have just finished an epic year, touring the world in support of their critically acclaimed (and one of my favorite albums of 2009-2010) debut Gorilla Manor. But just before they go into hiding to start work on their second record, they’re wrapping a few things up first. The band are adding the last four unreleased stems to their ...

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Happy Record Store Day!

Saturday, April 16, 2011–Record Store Day Happy Record Store Day, everyone! Here is a list of goodies you might find at your local record store today: Kanine Records: Free Kanine tote bag. Inside contains a flyer with a link to exclusive remixes, covers, album track premiere and video from Surfer Blood, Grooms, Pepper Rabbit, BRAIDS, Eternal Summers, Young Prisms, Viernes, ...

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The Strokes: ‘Angles’ Review

Strokes Angles

Artist: The Strokes Album: Angles Label: RCA/Rough Trade Editor’s note: We’re about 50/50 on this album, so here are two of our writers’ opinions. Be sure to check out Angles to make up your own mind and let us know on which side of the coin you fall! Over the past decade, The Strokes have carved out a niche as being 21st century indie/garage rock pioneers. With ...

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Former Model Sues Over Vampire Weekend ‘Contra’ Cover Art


We’ve all seen the cover of Contra, the latest album from Vampire Weekend.  And we’ve probably wondered, who is that kind-of plain-but-attractive girl, and why did they pick her to be their cover model?  The photo looks old, sure, but the way things are these days with prefaded jeans and hi def music with the crackly vinyl sounds of yesteryear ...

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