Hi everyone, I just wanted to go ahead and apologize for the light posting this week and over the next couple of weeks. The common-law and I are moving across town, and we will be spending the majority of our time doing grown-up things: moving furniture, getting the power turned on, giving the royal middle finger to our current apartment ...

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Robert Downey Jr. at 2009 Oscars (Photos)


Robert Downey Jr. looked hot as usual at the 81st annual Academy Awards. We have all the winners from the 2009 Oscars listed here, and I hope you checked out all of our live tweets on Twitter!

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Gravy and Biscuits is having Issues!

Homer Simpson

Hey everyone, hope you will stay with us as we are working out our issues.  If you clicked on a story and it was all jumbled up, we’re sorry and hopefully things will be fixed shortly and running smoothly! In the meantime, check us out and say hello on our MySpace page!

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Will Roger Federer Win the U.S. Open 5 Times in a Row?

Roger Federer

Tennis is one of the only sports I can stand to watch on television, and I have been following the 2008 U.S. Open quite avidly this year, especially the men’s.  After a couple of years of becoming a tennis fan, I can’t help but to have developed a bit of a crush on Swiss pro tennis champ Roger Federer.  Sure, ...

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Scrambled Eggs and Sausage Links


Lindsay and Michael Lohan aren’t speaking to each other again (DD) Is Friends coming to the big screen? (AH) Tatum O’Neal gets off crack-free (BB) Miranda Kerr topless in Grand Canaria (NSFW) (CR) Is Amy Winehouse in the hospital or out? (HC) Megan Fox is back on the market (DS) Tila Tequila blogs about her broken heart (HW) Kate Hudson ...

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Keane: ‘Night Train’ EP Review


Keane have been trying really hard lately to distance themselves from the piano-heavy “girly pop” that propelled them to stardom.  In 2008, they ditched their guitar-less gimmick in hopes of changing their sound. For their newest EP, Night Train, it looks like they are still trying. The EP, containing only eight songs (nine if you get it from Amazon) and ...

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