OMG Clay Aiken is Gay!


Clay Aiken comes out officially to People Magazine this week, with photos of his new baby. Heh, can you imagine the talk those two will have when his kid asks “where do babies come from?”  “Well, first there’s a daddy, and he gets his little squiggles put in a turkey baster, and then some doctor puts the baster in the ...

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Ladies, This Chicken Will Get Your Man So Hot, He’ll Propose Marriage..a.k.a. Engagement Chicken

On today’s episode of The Today Show, the a.m. gabbers reveled in the makings of a famous and presumably erotic Engagement Chicken. (Wow, those are two words I never thought I’d put together.) Published in Glamour and tweaked from a previous recipe, this new and improved version has bona fide results. That’s right girls, 33 readers wrote in to confirm ...

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Taylor Swift Says Joe Jonas Hurt her Deeply

Joe Jonas Taylor Swift

Remember back in July, when Taylor Swift was rumored to be dating Joe Jonas?  Well, the rumors were true, but things did not end well between them! Taylor claims that Joe broke up with Taylor over the telephone.  That’s pretty low and cowardly, if you ask me.  Don’t even look her in the eye to break up with her?  Oh ...

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Okkervil River: ‘I Am Very Far’ Review

okkervil River I am Very Far

Artist: Okkervil River Album: I Am Very Far Label: Jagjaguwar Using 2010 to serve as back up band for the legendary/mythical Roky Erickson (watch “You’re Gonna Miss Me”), Okkervil River is back with I Am Very Far. Marking a swift and dramatic separation from the style of their two previous albums, their sixth is guaranteed to fester in your brain ...

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Indie Music Interviews: Haroula Rose

Haroula Rose

Indie Music Interviews: Haroula Rose Singer-songwriter Haroula Rose grew up listening to music from everywhere but was ultimately most drawn to the traditional folk music and Americana. The recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship, Haroula was able to expand her range as a storyteller with educational music exchanges in Madrid, Andalusian pilgrimages on a gypsy caravan where traditional flamenco music could ...

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Minnie Driver is Preggers

Minnie Driver

Minnie Driver announced last night to Jay Leno that she is, in fact, pregnant, after dealing with rumors of it for weeks. He remarked teasingly that the actress had gained weight.”Are you calling me fat?” she joked. When Leno asked if she was pregnant, the 38-year-old The Riches star replied, “Yes I am.”

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Ethan Hawke Marries Homewrecker Nanny

Ethan Hawke Ryan Shawhughes

Ethan Hawke and homewrecker nanny Ryan Shawhughes were married three weeks ago in New York. Three weeks ago?! Apparently, no one cared enough to write about this story when it happened. Maybe because Ethan Hawke is a scumbag and Ryan is a hoochie who is okay with taking someone’s hubby away from them while babysitting their children. Ryan is also ...

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