This Just In: Michael Stipe Comes Out of the Closet…Is this 1988?

Michael Stipe

BREAKING NEWS: Michael Stipe, frontman of REM, has admitted to being gay. Also in the news, Ronald Reagan has been elected President, and women have just been given the right to vote. In all seriousness, though, I am really reeling from this. I mean, doesn’t Stipe depict the epitome of the strapping lumberjack-type? Perhaps it’s because I’m from Georgia, and ...

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Scrambled Eggs and Sausage Links

Britney Spears Jayden James Sean Preston

Alessandra Ambrosio‘s baby bump–7C Lisa Marie is pregnant. And we care why?–AW Chris Brown and Rihanna have matching tattoos–AH Robbie Williams trading music for UFOs–BB K-Fed to be Jenny Craig spokesman?–BP Guess who’s busting out of their jeans–BS Kelly Rowland‘s boob job–CR Margot at the Wedding review–CH Britney Spears‘ sons are having nightmares–HC Miley Cyrus and her mommy go for ...

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Indie Music News: Pepper Rabbit Announce New Album: ‘Red Velvet Snow Ball’

Pepper Rabbit

Indie Music News: Pepper Rabbit Announce New Album: Red Velvet Snow Ball Since Pepper Rabbit’s debut album Beauregard was released last fall, the band has been touring nonstop, with the likes of Passion Pit, Freelance Whales, Miniature Tigers, and Ra Ra Riot.  The duo made up of Xander Singh and Luc Laurent, is now pleased to announce the release of their ...

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Music Reviews: Adele ’21′

Here is a snippet of the music review of 21 by Adele, written by Jebbica. At first listen to 21, it’s hard to imagine that so much pain could come out of someone so young. When Adele’s heart breaks, everyone else can feel it too. Emotions range from anger to sadness, to a final hopefulness that everything is going to ...

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Whitney Thompson Wins ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Cycle 10

Whitney Thompson

Whitney Thompson won tonight’s Cycle 10 season finale of America’s Next Top Model. She is the first plus-sized model to win! The final three were Whitney Thompson, Fatima Siad, and Anya Kop. Fatima was the first person voted out of the final three. That means Whitney is the first plus-sized model to make it to the finals! The final two ...

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Dinosaur Jr.: New Album Coming Sept. 18 ‘I Bet on Sky’ – Announce Tour Dates

dino group

Indie rockers Dinosaur Jr. have announced their third album together since the original trio got back together in 2005, I Bet on Sky, will be coming out on September 18. This is the band’s 10th studio album since their debut on Homestead Records in 1985. J Mascis, Lou Barlow, and Murph have taken everything they’ve learned from the various projects ...

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Band of Horses: ‘Infinite Arms’ Album Review


Band of Horses has been, for me, one of those bands that I liked, but never really got into in depth.  They’ve always been kind of “The Shins Lite” for me, with Ben Bridwell‘s vocals settling somewhere in between James Mercer‘s whine and Built to Spill‘s Doug Martsch‘s lazy warble.  Sure, “The First Song” is on the tracklist of my ...

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