Grandchildren Premiere Debut Single “Saturn Returns”

Grandchildren Band

In Grandchildren, every memory is a montage of sound. The beat-driven, orchestral-pop epics play like an audio scrapbook of memories from songwriter Aleks Martray’s life. Martray, the son of a high-ranking military officer, and Grandchildren’s creator, was born on a US army base in Germany and raised on both sides of the Atlantic. “I was restless from a really young ...

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Everything Everything Premieres New Single, Sells Out UK


Is it just me, or do Everything Everything look like if the Jonas Brothers had a children with the Beatles?  I’m just getting into this band, who kind of mixes Britpop with punk, throws in some harmonies, then throws in about five gallons of sheer weird awesomeness.  I just can’t get enough of “Photoshop Handsome”. Imagine a band who fuse ...

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Butter my Biscuits–Heroes Hottie Does Indian ‘Elle’ (And No it’s Not Milo)

Sendhil Ramamurthy

Milo Ventimiglia gets a lot of attention on celebrity blogs (ahem, Taylor’s Entertainment News). But there is one actor on the ever popular NBC show Heroes who rarely gets the praise he deserves for playing Dr. Mohinder Suresh, the nerdy and ultimately good geneticist, and that actor is Sendhil Ramamurthy. Thankfully, the the Indian version of Elle took notice! These ...

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Indie Music Videos: Decemberists: “This is Why We Fight”

Indie Music Videos: Decemberists–”This is Why We Fight” Decemberists have premiered their new music video for “This is Why We Fight”, from their latest album, The King is Dead. The video was directed by Aaron Stewart-Ahn and features a dystopian future populated by peasant children and a teenage king overlord. This has become a popular theme in indie music videos ...

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Land of Talk: ‘Cloak and Cipher’ Album Review

Land of Talk

For most bands, having your lead singer suffer a vocal hemorrhage might be a decent excuse to put out a sub-par album, or even to postpone making one altogether.  This did not seem to slow down Montreal indie-pop group Land of Talk, however, as their second album, Cloak and Cipher, was recorded during frontwoman Elizabeth Powell‘s recovery from such an affliction. For Cloak and ...

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Ashanti Looks Sexy in Maxim (Photos)

Ashanti Maxim

Ashanti is in the new issue of Maxim, and she looks super hot! She talked with the magazine about her new album, The Declaration. Your new album is called The Declaration. Would you like to take this moment to declare anything? Absolutely. I’m declaring that I’m here. The album is a new sound for me. I found out so much ...

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‘Twilight’ Star Kristen Stewart without Makeup (Photos)


Twilight star Kristen Stewart was spotted taking her pet Chihuahua to the Westlake Village Animal Hospital yesterday....without makeup! How dare a celeb walk out in public without her red-carpet attire? I'm kidding, but seriously. She looks like hell. Either she's stoned or has been doing some serious crying. Either way, with her looking like that, I don't see Robert Pattinson wanting to take a bite anytime soon!

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