Chelsea Handler’s Career Goes to the Crapper

Chelsea Handler Charmin 2

Chelsea Handler‘s career has really gone to the crapper.  I mean really.  Handler and her cute little sidekick, Chuy, promoted Charmin’s Plush Potties for the People event in California last week. It’s kind of fitting, since Chelsea is such a potty mouth and prides herself on being full of crap. I’m sorry, Chelsea.  I’m not usually a punner, but you ...

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2009 SAG Awards: Fashion and Winners


We have all of the fashion and winners of last night's Screen Actors Guild Awards. Personally, I don't see the point in all these award shows, and never watch any of them beyond the Oscars, the Golden Globes, and the Grammys. I mean, does Hollywood need to congratulate itself THAT much? Where's the prestige? With all these shows, you only have two options, and they both suck. One, everyone gets the same awards on all of them, so there's no point in watching more than one. Two, the same awards are given out to different people, so there really is no best, and everyone wins. Just like kindergarten. But that's my opinion of it. Here are the winners below and lots of photos of fashion after the jump.

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Happy Birthday, Rashida Jones!

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones turns 32 today! Rashida Leah Jones (born February 25, 1976), is an American actress, model, and musician, best known for her portrayal of Louisa Fenn on Boston Public and Karen Filippelli on The Office. Rashida Jones was born in Los Angeles, California, the youngest daughter of media mogul Quincy Jones and his former wife, actress Peggy Lipton. Jones’ ...

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In Case You Missed it: Morning Gossip

Heidi Montag John McCain

Heidi Montag is backing John McCain for President–BSC Barack Obama plays Hardball–PK David Cook: hospitalized, then released–BSC KLC lives another week! Ramiele voted off American Idol–IM Gisele Bundchen lets it all hang out (NSFW)–BSC Sen. Debbie Stabenow‘s husband in prostitution ring–PK Sanjaya‘s crying girl found her a new man: Jason Castro!–BSC Barack Obama in Philly–PK Lindsay Lohan makes fun of ...

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OMG Clay Aiken is Gay!


Clay Aiken comes out officially to People Magazine this week, with photos of his new baby. Heh, can you imagine the talk those two will have when his kid asks “where do babies come from?”  “Well, first there’s a daddy, and he gets his little squiggles put in a turkey baster, and then some doctor puts the baster in the ...

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Ladies, This Chicken Will Get Your Man So Hot, He’ll Propose Marriage..a.k.a. Engagement Chicken

On today’s episode of The Today Show, the a.m. gabbers reveled in the makings of a famous and presumably erotic Engagement Chicken. (Wow, those are two words I never thought I’d put together.) Published in Glamour and tweaked from a previous recipe, this new and improved version has bona fide results. That’s right girls, 33 readers wrote in to confirm ...

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Taylor Swift Says Joe Jonas Hurt her Deeply

Joe Jonas Taylor Swift

Remember back in July, when Taylor Swift was rumored to be dating Joe Jonas?  Well, the rumors were true, but things did not end well between them! Taylor claims that Joe broke up with Taylor over the telephone.  That’s pretty low and cowardly, if you ask me.  Don’t even look her in the eye to break up with her?  Oh ...

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