Ashanti Looks Sexy in Maxim (Photos)

Ashanti Maxim

Ashanti is in the new issue of Maxim, and she looks super hot! She talked with the magazine about her new album, The Declaration. Your new album is called The Declaration. Would you like to take this moment to declare anything? Absolutely. I’m declaring that I’m here. The album is a new sound for me. I found out so much ...

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‘Twilight’ Star Kristen Stewart without Makeup (Photos)


Twilight star Kristen Stewart was spotted taking her pet Chihuahua to the Westlake Village Animal Hospital yesterday....without makeup! How dare a celeb walk out in public without her red-carpet attire? I'm kidding, but seriously. She looks like hell. Either she's stoned or has been doing some serious crying. Either way, with her looking like that, I don't see Robert Pattinson wanting to take a bite anytime soon!

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Ashley Olsen is Officially Hotter than Mary-Kate

Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen

According to Maxim Magazine, Ashley Olsen is hotter than twin sis Mary-Kate! Ashley came in at #47 on their “Hot 100″ list, while Mary-Kate didn’t even make the list. Ashley is looking really pretty lately…who knew grinning could increase your hotness by so much! She’s also looking less like a little old granny, unlike Mary-Kate, who still looks like a ...

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Blitzen Trapper Announce New Album

Blitzen Trapper

Indie rockers Blitzen Trapper has announced that they will be releasing a new album on Sub Pop Records on September 13, 2011. The album, titled American Goldwing, will be full of the introspective and striking storytelling that countless critics have fallen in love with. Beginning July 19th in Salt Lake City, Blitzen Trapper will head out on a North American ...

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New to DVD: July 8, 2008

Stop Loss

Stop Loss Starring Ryan Phillippe, Abbie Cornish, Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ciarán Hinds, Timothy Olyphant, Victor Rasuk, and Rob Brown Sgt. Brandon King fought for America. He fought for freedom. He fought for his family. He gave everything, and then he came home to begin his life anew. But now his superiors want more: They want him back. (Paramount Pictures) ...

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Tyra Banks Covers New York Times

Tyra Banks New York Times

Tyra Banks is on the cover of Sunday’s upcoming issue of The New York Times Magazine. I don’t know what to focus on, her hair or her hips? Is this cover fierce, or just plain odd? All I know is, we’ll never hear the end of this! Tyra loves herself too much to let us forget about it.

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LCD Soundsystem Giving Farewell Concert in NYC

LCD Soundsytem

It's the end of an era as LCD Soundsystem confirms an April 2 extravaganza at New York City's Madison Square Garden that will be both its first time headlining the storied arena and the final, definitive and ultimate LCD Soundsystem live show.

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