OMG Clay Aiken is Gay!

Clay Aiken comes out officially to People Magazine this week, with photos of his new baby. Heh, can you imagine the talk those two will have when his kid asks “where do babies come from?”  “Well, first there’s a daddy, and he gets his little squiggles put in a turkey baster, and then some doctor puts the baster in the mommy, because I mean, eww! Daddy does NOT want to go there!”


This news has just shattered my whole world. The picture of masculinity, Clay Aiken, is gay? What are you going to tell me next?  Amy Winehouse is a drug addict? I’ll never believe it.

One comment

  1. Nice sarcasm :P In an interview he gave when he was 25, he said he was a virgin waiting for the “right girl” and for marriage. I’m sure he felt a lot of pressure to keep it secret because of his career, I’m sure he feels a lot better now.

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