Obama vs. Hillary: Who Won the Debate in Austin?

Barack Hillary

I have a feeling stocks in Xerox might go up tomorrow.

While both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton kept things friendly (for the most part), it’s still a toss-up of who won the debate. The media seems to be going with Barack again (is he unstoppable at this point?), I thought Hillary also did an excellent job. So, who do you think did best?

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  1. He won simple as that. She attacks on character demonstraits her huge lack of it. If she wins 100% of the Republican party will come out to vote against her and we will have a Repub. back in the White House for four more years. That would be sad and unfortunate.

  2. Hey Nicole, much like every Hillary supporter, you haven’t taken the time to really look at the reality of this election or the spelling of your own candidates name.

  3. Hilary sucks!!

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