Nip/Tuck Season 5 Finale…Good Gravy!


Watching the delicious smut that is Nip/Tuck, I can’t help but think, how would these people ever actually function in real life!?

In a nutshell, here’s what happened on last night’s season 5 finale. Julia became comatose after being shot by that slut Eden. She eventually woke up, with amnesia, of course! Just like a soap opera! It’s just as well, as Christian and Sean don’t want her to know about their son Matt’s new girlfriend, who happens to be his sister. Amidst all this, Christian still has enough sex drive to give it to his son’s sister’s mom (the chick he knocked up to make said incestuous daughter). Did I mention she had no legs? Christian’s white butt giving it to some stumps…not a pretty sight.

Sean discovers what happened to the guy he was going to hire as his agent…new agent Colleen had stuffed him with a teddy bear-making machine. Stuffed to death. Mmm. Amidst all this hoopla, Sean and Christian become the subjects of paparazzi attention, and as Christian tries to escape with Sean’s daughter Annie, he wrecks due to all the frenzy.

Sean tries to operate on Annie’s wounds. As he does, Colleen sneaks up behind him and starts stabbing the hell out of him. End of season.


I can only imagine what they have in store for next season!


  1. omg i lost myself somewhere on season 3 of nip tuck but that makes me wanna catch up!

  2. Man…I just died as I saw the final episode for the 5th season…I’m just craving for season 6!!!!

  3. Nip Tuck is a unique TV Series just like House MD.`~:

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