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Panic at the Disco

Recently I wrote about Panic at the Disco‘s new album, Pretty. Odd., and how catchy (yet Beatlesque familiar) it was. I still think it’s a bit of a rip-off, but these guys are young and I can forgive them for now. If they were 40, or in their 30s holding onto some high school fantasy or something, it’d be a different story. At least they seem cute and pretty talented and have figured out how to carve out a name for themselves and sell records as they embark on their musical journey…who knows what the next album might be like!

Thanks to Unilever, you can check out Panic’s (no more exclamation point!) first concert with the latest songs.

These guys sound pretty good live, I’ll have to admit!

Soundcheck spends a day with one of music’s most innovative bands, Las Vegas’ own Panic at the Disco. Hitting the stage with a lucky audience in NYC, the band previews tracks from their latest album ‘Pretty. Odd.,’ and opens up about fame, funk and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz.

Though, I’m kind of disappointed that these guys didn’t sing their title track off the new album, and I was very hard-pressed to find a boy in the audience (I guess because the band is so dreamy? God, I’m getting old!), it’s worth checking out! Ch-ch-ch-check out Panic at the Disco’s Soundcheck performance and interview, as well as photos of your favorite dreamboats and banners for your MySpace here!

Panic at the DiscoPanic at the Disco Q&A


  1. what is wrong with you?? PATDs music may be inspired by the Beatles..but its not a rip off of them!!

  2. i agree.
    a ripoff of the beatles would be a girlband called the ladybugs singing “i wanna caress your foot”

    no, im kidding.
    though that would be true

    i think panic has definately become more beatles-y, but thats just a sign that they arent stuck in one style, and that they will probably keep changing.
    there are lots of other songs/ bands (even from the beatles timeperiod) that sounded/soudn alot like them, but dont rip them off.

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