MSNBC Demotes Olbermann and Matthews

Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann

Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann

MSNBC has demoted Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann from their co-anchorship of election coverage.  Apparently MSNBC felt that Matthews and Olbermann were too biased to be anchors of election coverage, and have relegated them to being analyst during election coverage.  David Gregory will now be the chief anchor for MSNBCs’ election coverage.

MSNBC has made a step in the right direction, because as entertaining as Olbermann and Matthews (both will continue to host Countdown and Hardball perspectively) may be to some, it has been ridiculous as biased as they are to see them touted as crediable and fair minded  journalist during election coverage.

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  1. What a HUGE mistake MSNBC is making. Olbermann is right on the money. Dead on.

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