Movie Review: ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’

In 2004, Edgar Wright reinvented the zombie movie with Shaun of the Dead. In 2007, he reinvented the buddy-cop comedy with Hot Fuzz. And in 2010, he has reinvented the love story. Scott Pilgrim vs the World is, in one word, epic. Any video game nerd worth his salt will love this.

We meet young Scott dating an even younger Knives Chau, a fellow video gamer he isn’t particularly interested in. Ramona however is literally the girl of his dreams, with her ever changing hair color and her rollerblades, she skates thru his mind one night before he actually meets her the next day at a party. Scott falls instantly in love, thou she is hesitant.

Soon after Scott is introduced to the first of Ramona’s evil exes, Matthew Patel, during a battle of the bands Scottsdale band Sex Bob-omb is competing in. This begins Scott’s quest to not only beat all of Ramona’s evil exes, but to win her heart as well.

I wont spoil the rest of the film, but the fights are amazing, each with its own style. The music especially stands out, with Scott’s band rocking out in every scene they’re in. This is definitely a soundtrack worth picking up.

If you’re looking for a film to cleanse the palate of this summers weak offerings, Scott Pilgrim vs the World will definitely entertain you and make you want to pick up the comic it’s based on.

By Joey Esquivel

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  1. I haven’t read any of the books, but I saw the film, and it is definitely unique. I can’t easily say I haven’t seen a film incorporate video game elements so fully before, and even though I’m not a big gamer, I definitely could appreciate it.

  2. and by can’t I mean can

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