Motorifik: Debut Side Project From Working For A Nuclear Free City’s Phil Kay

Motorifik is a side project of Working For A Nuclear Free City producer/songwriter Phil Kay and French songwriter Idrisse Khelifi, the two having met in Manchester in 2006. During the writing and recording of the increasingly experimental second WFANFC album, Kay was taken by Khelifi’s direct style and pop aesthetic. Motorifik was borne out of a desire to create an album that could be both immediate and sonically arresting.

Recorded in Manchester and Brittany, Secret Things is an album where otherworldly noises and textures bounce off one another, sometimes in a harmonious cacophony, sometimes creating densely detailed pop songs but always revealing more intricacies with every play.

Although Secret Things ostensibly follows in the footsteps of other dark pop experimentalists (Eno, JAMC, Kraftwerk, Air) it was actually a classic 90’s Rap album that became the album’s overriding benchmark as Kay explains, “ At the time of compiling the album I was revisiting one of my favourite records, Nas ‘Illmatic’. I was struck by how concise it was. So I forced myself to cut the album right down to the essence of what we were trying to achieve – a sort of twisted cinematic pop record.”

From the acoustic-chug, Spector-esque drums and multi-tracked blissful vocals of first single and title track, Secret Things, through the melancholy, brittle acoustics of the pastoral Nameless Colour, to the lush harmonics and soothing textures of closing track, Flames On The Ocean, Secret Things is an album that delivers inventive pop thrills which have a habit of getting under the skin, and sticking there.


Secret Things / The Cause / Ghosts / Nameless Colour / Strange Weather / A Vision / Used Angel / Nostalgie / Sleep Forever / Flames On The Ocean

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