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March 14, 2008


Jebbica Modeling Grin & Tonic PhotosIt’s been awhile since I’ve done any modeling; too long, actually, because I’ve been working a lot on having a decent writing career.  And because I’m lazy. It’s difficult to find photographers in the area who share the same vision as you or have much patience for the inexperienced or don’t just want to strip you down and tie you up with duct tape and snap pics of you for their own amusement. Generally, the ones who are any good in the Chattanooga area are booked up through the 2012 election or are too in love with themselves to be bothered by someone who’s just trying to break into the biz. But, is breaking into the biz really what I’m doing? I’m not sure. I have a love of photography and like to find beauty in things that I guess aren’t standard. I feel that women are beautiful in every shape and size, and even the size zero women who are 5’10″ are lovely, but in actuality women who are that size make up a small percentage, especially in America. I guess I want to offer an alternative to that. That’s what sparked my interest in plus-size modeling to begin with.

Unfortunately, I’m 5’8″ which is a little short for high-fashion, and I’m a size 10/12, so Joanne Borgella I am not. AndJebbica Modeling Toxic Studioz beautiful gals like Joanne are what make it into magazines. Basically, there is no room for a middle market in modeling, women who are sized 6-12, and that’s a shame. After all, aren’t most women generally in that size range? Aren’t women sized 6-12 buying jeans, too? I know when I went to Steve & Barry’s I could not find a size 12 pair of jeans to save my life, because they had all been bought! Someone like me gets a little commercial/promotional work every now and then, but mainly I get asked to do alternative stuff, which isn’t really my style. So, why aren’t people who want to sell clothing trying to market their product to their actual customers? I guess I’ll never know. And if I had an eye for design I guess I’d do something about it. But maybe someone will figure it out, eventually. Here’s to hopin’!

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Jebbica Modeling Toxic Studioz 2So, I have been very lax on the modeling front for months now, so afraid I’d be put into some situation like the Tyra Banks raw meat bikini photos…those photos are bound to give me nightmares for months! However, I decided to tentatively make plans with a photographer to update my head shots and just have fun and play dress-up, since I never have any fun these days and barely leave the house because I’m a hermit. A hermit whose life’s ambition is to travel the world. Go figure! Anyway, thankfully I got an email from a friend who’s wanting me to participate in a shoot for Saturn and 96.5 The Mountain. It’s not The Gap, but it’s a start. And maybe with a bit more experience under my belt I can work on convincing companies to start appealing to their audiences. Who’s with me?
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  1. If I has half your beauty, I’d be with you; so I’ll just have to be with you in spirit!

    Luving you always,


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