MGMT: “Congratulations” Video (HD)

The video for “Congratulations” by MGMT premiered today.  I guess it wouldn’t be MGMT if it weren’t weird, but this one’s particularly depressing!  I keep trying to get into the new MGMT, but I just can’t help but like their old stuff better.  It just seems like I know of a hundred thousand bands who sound like their new sound already, that raw-edged unpolished stuff.  I really thought they were original before, and now they just kind of fade into the background.  Anyway, [itunes link="" title="Congratulations" text="Congratulations"] is on sale at iTunes for $7.99 all week.  Yippee!

Don’t forget that MGMT will be headlining MoogFest 2010 in Asheville, NC on Halloween weekend!

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